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You have spent hours, days or maybe even weeks on your website, and all of the content is ready. But you have a nagging feeling that it lacks that certain something to raise it to the next level …
The developers of the best site building software currently available know that there’s more to a profitable website than simply a nice layout and information, so they have included a vast array of features, tagged “Advanced Page Settings”, that put the finishing touch on your website pages.
Is there anything more frustrating than going to a website and finding out that an incredible amount of new content has been added all at once and you’ve now got to go through a large amount of information on the chance that what you need is buried in there somewhere?
Even worse, you find that the site hasn’t been kept up to date for months?
Well, with the Advanced Scheduling function, you can tell this intuitive software to automatically update content on a periodic basis. This feature will ensure that your website is continually, and regularly, updated by systematically introducing your nominated content. Just nominate when you want certain content published, and it will do it for you automatically!
Additionally, this feature can be directed to take down content at a nominated date. For example, if you’re offering a special promotion for a period of two weeks, you can tell the software to take that promotion down when its over. You don’t have to worry about it!
Unique Scripts
This ground-breaking software gives you the power to create a lot of web pages from one single template. It also allows you to include Global Settings that are applied to every single page on your site.
But what if you have an advanced script that is only needed on one specific page? Version 2 of this software allows you to set unique script settings for each individual page. That way, your other pages won’t have a lot of unneeded code, and therefore a longer load time. Not only does this package give you a lot of power, but it also gives you precision control for using that power.
Using Robots
Robots are small bits of code included in your website that give you control over the parts of your website that visitors don’t see.
For example, when a search engine indexes your site, it will catalog everything. But there are some pages that don’t need to be indexed, like generic ‘Download’ screens and ‘Success’ pages. With individual robot controls for each page, you can ensure that a search engine indexes exactly the parts of your website that you want it to, giving you precise control over how your site is represented on a search engine.

Discover how this benchmark software is leading its competitors into the future. XSitePro2 puts its users ahead of the competition with simple point and click technology.
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