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Learning Center for Xsitepro: A Quick 30 Minute Website

You’ve probably seen or heard of Xsitepro if you’ve been online during the last 4 years. It all started with Version 1, which was a smashing success and lead to a totally new application in Xsitepro Version 2. Xsitepro Version 2 is praised by all its users and contains almost all the features requested by the users of Version 1.

Xsitepro simplified the process of building a website and getting it on the internet…..just about anyone, including your Granny could build a website now! Programs such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage, NVU to name a few were very good website editors but can’t compare to the simplicity of Xsitepro. Many newbies owe their web presence to Xsitepro.

As Xsitepro developed and it’s use has been simplifed by other users there have been a pile of 3rd party applications, courses and ebooks to help explain and make the use of Xsitepro even easier. Some of the videos you’ll find in this category will help you to navigate your way through the use of Xsitepro.Check out this video, it will help you build better sites.

I found this resource very helpful…..XSP Cheatsheet Only for those who want to go deep with Xsitepro!

Xsitepro Template Tutorials will have you building your own templates in an hour or less!

http://www.gibson5.co.uk/xsitepro/ My attempt to create a complete 10 page website in under half an hour using XsitePro and PLR content

You can get a free membership to a quality PLR site by visiting http://www.darrenreviews.com/recommends/FREEPLR/

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6 Responses to “XsitePro: Ten Page Site in 30 Minutes”
  1. smithson224 says:

    you’re welcome

    I like you’re website

    and what is your name
    i will ask my dad if he know’s u

  2. alslad says:

    wow – a comment from the xsitePro royal family!
    Thanks for watching my vid

  3. roadrunner304 says:

    Im gonna buy xsitepro! awsome!

  4. marjamada says:

    Very impressive. XSite Pro really is great for putting a lot of content online fast. However, a “complete” website is not only an online version of text-only articles. The Web is about links, images and even multimedia. To “complete” this text-only site, perhaps another ten minutes?

  5. smithson224 says:

    my dad made xsite pro
    paul smithson

  6. alslad says:

    I agree the longer you spend making the site, the better it will be. Given the extra time spent “for the camera” on this tutorial (ie, pauses etc to show specific elements), I could still have made a ten page site with graphics on each page in half an hour.

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