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Xsitepro 2 templates can be customized to add many more new content areas when compared to Xsitepro Version 1. While not all are necessary, they can all be used at once. Plus there are many different ways to manipulate the content within those designated areas.

The areas in red in the below images represent slices. This means you create a seperate image from that area and use it to put a new template together. It’s really a fascinating and simple process once you understand it. The more advanced you are with css and html will mean you can further enhance and develop your own special templates.

Learn how to Create Your Own XsitePro Templates by watching the video series. It’s only 10 dollars and shows how to create templates from existing jpg or psd created templates. I was originally made for Xsitepro version 1, however, it equally applies for version 2. The only difference is that version 2 allows for more custom sections as per the images below.



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