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mchenryoakflooringcontractor-1-2010Been using Xsitepro for about 4 years, I was hired to do graphics, custom Xsitepro Templates and minisites or adsense sites for a plr membership. At first, being a Dreamweaver fan, I really hated xsitepro. I thought Xsite to be somewhere between Front Page and Dreamweaver.

This was really before wordpress started to become popular, so the owner of the PLR site pressed me to crank out these Xsitepro adsense sites. The more I used it, the more I liked it and discovered how simple it would be for a newbie to use and start making websites.

I started using wordpress like everyone else….kind of forgot about Xsitepro and Dreamweaver. Then about a year ago, I dusted of Xsitepro and started creating some custom templates. I thought I’d try a sample site.

It was a small site with about 10 pages but designed to be 100′s. I purchased the domain, created and uploaded the 10 pages. Xsite creates a sitemap automatically, but you have to tell it to create a google sitemap. You also can tell it to create a rss feed….all of which I did. Next, I bookmarked the site. Pinged the site and submitted the rss feed to some rss directories.

I did everything in a couple hours one night.

This was a site focused on an offline directory for a local city. There was some good competition, in the directory I promoted several local businesses.

I had about 10 keywords and keyword phrases. 8 of the keywords were on page one the next day. A couple days latter all keywords were on page one at the top.

I was shocked. So I tried with another niche, almost same results. Been about 3 or 4 months and results have stayed right on top!

I love WordPress….. but proper use of Xsitepro can make those static pages shoot right to the top of the SERPS. In certain situations, Xsitepro is my tool of choice.

If you’re a newbie, don’t be discouraged. You need to practice proper niche research and development…dig out the proper keywords and implement all the built in SEO practices that Xsitepro offers. I’m trying to say it takes time, effort and knowledge in getting on top the SERPS….Xsitepro gets pages indexed, can help and is just as effective as wordpress.

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