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I got an email from a new xsitepro user interested in my video course on creating your own xsitepro templates. I thought it would be interesting to share his questions and my response. As with many new xsitepro users, this dude appears to be new at xsitepro and disappointed that he can’t start creating beautiful sites right out of the box!

I’m not ripping on this guy, but how many times have you seen somebody complain about xsitepro, how hard it is, they can’t ftp, and it goes on. Almost every time a person like this makes that type of comment he is a newbie. My experience is some newbies can get a site up in less than a day…..others struggle because they don’t bother to read the documentation. Go to any of the marketing or internet marketing forums, people rave on how easy it is to set up quick websites, they praise the seo features built in….something not found in any other program. Of course xsitepro can’t do everything and if you’re an advanced webmaster xsitepro wouldn’t be your weapon of choice. However, let me say, that as an advanced user of Dreamweaver, I find myself using Xsitepro more and more for simple projects.

Here’s the comment I received

Yes I do want the Xsitepro slicing course. I bought XSitePro and so far have been very disappointed with it. The headers and templates are cheap and cheesey and I’ve found it a nightmare to learn how to use it. Now that I can at least make a website with their templates, I am hoping your course will help me to get something out of this software and enable me to make decent websites with it, so that it does not end up being a total waste of money for me.
I look forward to hearing from you again soon. Thanks.

Here’s my response:


Xsitepro is a powerful program and has allowed many neophytes get online quick….thus the cheap and cheesey templates. However, with the new version of xsitepro you can do a lot and make your sites as complicated as you want. The problem with any new software is the learning curve. It sounds like you’ve experienced that…..but, since you’ve figured out how to use it and get a site up and running, you’ve jumped the first hurdle.

I would encourage you to keep at it, you could spend a year trying to learn everything about xsitepro and you still won’t know everything. The learning experience with Xsitepro is incremental and each little nugget learned builds on each other.

If you go to the xsitepro forum, you’ll find guys doing unbelievable sites. Myles is one such person. But he didn’t learn these things overnight, plus he has a background in website design.

At some point, you’ll have to learn html coding, css coding, php coding…..and on and on. The point is, the learning process never stops and just builds upon itself. The other very important point is that Xsitepro provides a way for anyone to get online, that first website may not be pretty, but its up and running and becomes a confidence builder. The older I get the more I come to understand nothing in life is easy and anything worthy of accomplishment requires the investment of time to learn.

Anyway, the slicing videos show the basics of slicing. They were done using Xsitepro version 1, most new people won’t get the concept….some do, but once you get it figured out you are only limited to your imagination when it comes to designing and creating very unique websites with Xsitepro.

I took the time to explain a few things simply to encourage you. Your investment in Xsitepro will only be wasted if you don’t use it or put the effort into learning how the program works. The pdf’s under the Help Tab will explain more than you want to know :) …..I think one of the manuals is over 1000 pages. James Schramko has an ebook/course called XSP Cheatsheet which is very good and helps explain things…you might want to invest in this Xsitepro User Guide since it offers a different and unique perspection on how to use Xsitepro to get the most of it.

Best of luck to you, enjoy the videos!


I agree with the commenter, original xsitepro templates are pretty cheesey looking, at best unprofessional. If you are interested in learning how to created xsitepro templates for yourself you might be interested in a quick course I have on how to create xsitepro templates ……it’s less than $10. Once you get a handle on creating your own templates I highly suggest a course called XsiteprotoWordpress for converting your xsitepro templates and website into a seamless wordpress blog transition. The benefits are many, the course is excellent and you are walked through the process step by step…..also, the support is outstanding!

Do you use Xsitepro? Leave a comment!

Are you a new Xsitepro user? What’s your biggest complaint? What’s your biggest Praise?

Leave your comments below :)

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One Response to “Xsitepro Newbie Questions and Creates Custom Xsitepro Templates”
  1. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it my dad use to say…

    Well I grew up and I love to tear, break, rip, and smash stuff apart. But only cause I love to learn how things work. I guess you could say I’m a little like that guy, Gabriel Gray a.k.a. Sylar, on the show Heroes.

    Anywho… when I first got my hands on Xsitepro version 1 back when I studied the software and read its PDF multiple times. Soon I was figuring out stuff I could do with Xsitepro that wasn’t even in the manual.

    I guess you could say I really liked XSP from the word go!

    Now with Xsitepro 2 my thirst for knowledge has grown even more. You should see some of the stuff I’ve come up with for clients looking for web design work.

    So why am I posting… well I’m hoping that maybe someone might read this and they will know that with Xsitepro, the right attitude, and a little imagination you can truly go a long way when it comes to designing stellar websites that sell!

    Remember… if it ain’t broke break it! ;)

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