XSitePro – Lesson 6: Affiliates

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Secrets of Working with Xsitepro

Xsitepro has withstood the test of time and has helped thousands get online. Xsitepro Version 1 has evolved into Xsitepro Version 2. Xsitepro Version 2 is praised by all its users and contains almost all the features requested by the users of Version 1.

Xsitepro became famous by creating a way for the novice webmaster to concieve, build and upload a website to the internet with a very small learning curve. Programs such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage, NVU to name a few were very good website editors but can’t compare to the simplicity of Xsitepro. Just do a google search on Xsitepro and you’ll find 1000′s of users that have websites and owe their internet websites to Xsitepro.

As Xsitepro developed and it’s use has been simplifed by other users there have been a pile of 3rd party applications, courses and ebooks to help explain and make the use of Xsitepro even easier. I created this category on the blog to help you pick through some of the youtube videos for Xsitepro….some are really good, some are basic and some are sort of average….but each one will teach you something. I hope you find them useful.

Dig deeper into the workings of Xsitepro with this guide….XSP Cheatsheet Take a look at the deep secrets of xsitepro!

Xsitepro Template Tutorials will have you building your own templates in an hour or less!

In this lesson you’ll discover two powerful ways of using the web pages you’ve created to help you make money. You’ll see how XSitePro makes it simple to manage all of the information for the affiliate schemes you are a member of and how it allows you to add correctly formatted affiliate links on any page you want, with just a couple of mouse clicks. You’ll discover an amazingly simply way of inserting Google Adsense into your pages and how you can quickly and easily format the Adsense ads …

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