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Specializing in Custom Xsitepro Templates,  The Xsitepro Guide …a blog transferred from a wordpress.com blog. One the wordpress.com blog I wanted to post a couple of articles an keep a diary of xsitepro, problems and solutions. I didn’ t think it would be a big deal.

Time passes and I added images, along with pointing people to the correct products to purchase or examine, I even lightly promoted my xsitepro templates.

I was woefully ingnorant of the rules in wordpress.com, basically you can’t have any affiliate links or post anything about making money or selling. If they find a blog like that they delete it. Well, I was promoting and had a few affilaite links so I unknowingly broke the law, they took down my blog. However, I was about to export all the posts and comments and I’m going to be back at it in full swing before the year ends.

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2 Responses to “Xsitepro Guide Transferred from WordPress.com”
  1. MrMyles says:

    Welcome Back Scott!

    I wondered what had happened to your other site. I had no idea WP had those restrictions.

    Anyway, good to see your site back online. Will be bookmarked.

  2. scottparat says:

    Hi Myles…..glad you found me :)

    I’ve been very ill, just getting up and around again.

    My computer also picked up some spyware/malware/virus…..finally got rid of it.

    Hope to talk to you soon


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