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Offline marketing has been the big buzz lately and for good reason. Brick and mortar businesses are realizing the value of having a web presence. I’ve been working on a xsitepro business directory template for the last couple of weeks and finally put up an uncompleted prototype at Best of Mchenry.

This xsitepro portal template is more advanced than the standard xsitepro template and will use all the panels in the Xsitepro version 2 setup. There will be a complete set of videos explaining how to set the template up and how to monetize the site. You could easily develop a $2,000 a month with one of these sites and with a little effort I can’t see why one site couldn’t generate $10,000 a month and lead into larger jobs. There are so many different ways to monetize this type of site! Of course, any claims of income are totally dependent upon your efforts and I do not mean to imply that you will make any specific amount with this template.

The header will be able to be edited in either photoshop or from within Xsitepro. In the header is a 3 celled table that will have 3 small image ads with appropiate ad copy. These ads will be on source of monetization and the final version will have the ability to rotate these 3 ads with different advertisements. So you could possibly sell 12 ads and rotate them at equal amounts…..if you charged $50 a month this could give you $600 a month!

The info bar has a dynamic linking system.

The main panel header would have a custom preminum space ad. Of course all ad prices will depend on the traffic you can get to the site. If you’re getting a good amount of traffic this space might be worth $300 to $600 per month. This ad like the 3 small ones appears on each page of the site.

The left navigational colum has yet to be finalized. You can see what I have so far, not sure I like the look but will play around with it. The nav bar will have simply links to pages, or categories and to a Links page, Sitemap Page and Major Categories.

The Categories will be in the form of a template. There could be a main category, sub-category and vendor page. The Vendor Page could be your clients main web page. If they already own a website then this page could serve as an additional traffic source.

Xsitepro  has a Links Page function and this would be included in a special way. I found by using the Links Page the spiders seem to grab these first.

I should be ready to launch in the next couple of weeks. If you want to be notified when this template is ready to go, please leave your name and email address below.

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