Xsitepro Business Directory Template Stats for First 2 Weeks

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Here’s a quick look at the traffic to the Best of Mchenry Local Business Directory. To refresh your memory, I’m working on an Xsitepro Business Directory Template that can be use to create Local Offline Business Portals or Templates. The Best of Mchenry site was uploaded on July 18th, 2009. Take a look at the screen shot for July 28th to August 4th.

One thing to consider is that this site is brand new. There are only 5 local businesses from Mchenry, Illinois. I have a couple of blog posts going to the site, I submitted a RSS feed to some RSS directories and that’s it. No articles, no press release, no real program for backlinks. It’s important for you to realize that I haven’t put a big effort into building back links or any other traffic method……. because, Xsitepro does an excellent job of attracting search engine spiders and getting pages indexed! I need to mention this because I constantly see ill informed people saying that Xsitepro is just another website editor and if you really want traffic you should start using WordPress. That statement is completely false, while wordpress is awesome for all it does, it does not negate the strenghts and abilites of Xsitepro.

One of the big benefits of Xsitepro is that it uses templates, a system like Xsitepro Business Directory Template allows even the new user to simply use the template, fill in some content, save and upload. The google sitemaps and rss feeds are automatically updated. You can ping some of the services and you’ll start getting traffic. To prove the point check out the screen shot of the traffic stats….like I said, I didn’t do anything since I set the site up. You won’t see that kind of traffic or activity from a site made with Dreamweaver or any other html editor.


Xsitepro Directory Template will be ready soon, drop me your email and name
and I’ll let you know when it’s ready to go, plus you’ll get a prelaunch discount!

First 3 Days in Augst ….Awstats


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