Xsitepro Business Directory Template …. less than 2 weeks all 31 pages indexed in Google

I’ve been doing some tests with the site I put up in July called www.BestofMchenry.com which is built with Xsitepro and the template is part of my Xsitepro Business Directory Template. Anyone who would use this template should be concerned with how it does regarding the speed of indexing by Google and how long it takes to get into the search results.

I started chronicling this new Xsitepro Offline Business Template, and you can see some of the details at this post.

Next I discussed some of the theory of the Xsitepro Business Directory Template.

I was in the hospital and been feeling like dirt…..so I haven’t been able to do much. I didn’t add any pages or do any marketing for the site, however, I was surprised to see 31 pages indexed in Google…..take a look:

Remember, these are the results simply from using Xsitepro. I created an rss feed from within Xsitepro and submitted to some rss directories. Other than that, nothing has been done to the site in 2 weeks. Next post I’ll show you some screen shots of how the pages rank in the Local Business Directory!

“Why should I use Xsitepro when WordPress can do everything better?” I see this question often, especially in the warrior forum. I’ll be the first to say that wordpress is awesome, however, there are circumstances that a static website such as one built with Xsitepro is better. I think this is the case when creating A Local Business Portal for your profit. It’s very easy to edit and gets indexed just as quick as wordpress. The built-in tools of Xsitepro allow for many of the special features of the site and give the webmaster a lot of control when it comes to optimizing each page. The Links Page is totally awesome for a business directory and I found the search engines grab these links pages first and the beauty behind Xsitepro is that you can configure the Links Pages in many different ways…….and without going into great detail, the Links Pages could be the bait that will help you draw in more clients than you can handle.

Next post I’ll give you some screen shots for the local businesses…..sneak preview…..all on page one! But don’t fool yourself, this isn’t going to happen unless you follow the strategies I will include with this template!

Here’s the 31 indexed pages.





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