Xsitepro and Main Street Marketing Machines

Working with offline marketing Main Street Marketing MachineYou’d probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that people use Xsitepro for many different reasons. I spend much of my time in the internet marketing niche, graphics niche and offline marketing niche and I’m always surprised to see innovative uses of Xsitepro.

The key to this diversity is the use of templates and I’m in the process of creating an advanced template that can be used for any niche with just a few tweaks… I’m making the videos now and will be sending an email out to my list as soon as its available.

Here’s a sample of one of the template configurations.

Still testing but click here to see the basic template

Let me change gears and talk about making money online using your website….whether for an offline business or online business.

It’s a difficult task to make a living online, it’s even more difficult to have a brick and mortar store and create a website that brings you leads and sales. I don’t think it ever was easy, however, today’s economy makes the task even more difficult.

Your inbox is probably filled on a daily basis with offers for one money making product after another. All promising to make money. They might work to some degree….but never as easy as it might portray.

We live in a unique period of internet history. Today, April 2010, offers you an opportunity that won’t last forever. I’m trying not to sound too hypey….I hate that tactic, but what I’m about to show you will make a difference in your life and those you do business with.

I love this saying:

“Help enough other people get what they want from life and you’ll get everything you want and more” Zig Ziglar…..a very true saying.

Offline Marketing provides an opportunity for you to help others. A number of systems have been developed but none can compare to what I’m about to show you.

First…very very few people can go out and make money on their own. If you have a system to follow, building a successful business becomes much easier. Think of things like franchises.

Well…the folks at Traffic Geyser have been experimenting with their system of video, article, podcast ..ect. submissions and combining them with keywords for local businesses. Their desire was to create a system that would get local businesses top position on Google and the other search engines. For instance a painter in Chicago would want love to have “Chicago House Painter” turn with his website on position 1 of Google.

That’s exactly what they’ve been able to achieve. A system for ranking local businesses for their keywords to bring them leads and sales.

How can this benefit you? Actually…a couple of ways.

This system is called Main Street Marketing Machines

If you own your own brick and mortar business you can use it simply for yourself and get your business ranked for a variety of keywords that will bring you either leads or sales or both. Unlike purchasing a yellow page ad, this is an investment in a system that costs less than yellow page advertising and will last the lifetime of your business.

Main Street Marketing MachinesThe other option

This system really will shine if you’ve been part of the internet marketing community and trying to make money online. This system takes what you’ve learned and you can apply it to any local business with excellent results. Meaning, they will be ranked on the first page of Google.

This system of offline marketing to local businesses can become your business. Their method of promotion and development will bring clients running to you and your business can be as large as you are able to imagine.

The key to the success of Main Street Marketing Machines is that it works!

Go to this page:

Main Street Marketing Machines

Fill in the form and watch the videos, you’ll get everything you need to make an intelligent decision about this.

By the way, even if you are a complete newbie….this system will allow you to set up your own offline marketing business. With so many people looking either for a new job, replace their job or just looking for some extra income….this is a business opportunity you will want to at least look at.

Wishing you much success!

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