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I was reading through the xsitepro forum and someone asked the question. “Is anyone making money with Google Adsense?”

This was the response:

There is a guy named Tim Gorman who made over $100,000 last year from Adsence with about 50 five page mini-sites.

He doesn’t use Xsitepro but he should because his sites look like ****.

He makes the sites and then uses article or “Bum” marketing to get traffic and ranking.

Here is a video interview he made

I suspect most people these days are not making very much money with Google Adsense. It takes a well established website or blog with substantial traffic in order to make some decent money with Google Adsense. The days of getting rich by placing adsense on your site and cranking out the sites are long gone.

I would go so far as to say that you might want to entirely remove adsense from you sites if you’re not making any money and try to monetize your websites in other ways…banners, sell space, affiliate programs, or your own products.

In the above quote the poster refers to Tim Gorman. I just purcased some video and audio classes from Tim, he creates his wealth by using a modified Article Marketing formula. It’s close to Bum Marketing, but he has smartly created a substantial income for himself and family by working with articles and marketing with articles.

It’s amazing to see the power of pure persistence and sticking with a simple and single monetization model. Article Marketing has definetly paid off for Tim :)

Tim is a great guy and spoke 2 years on article marketing. He’s in the service and works his internet marketing business part time……amazing for crappy looking sites :)

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