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Not too long ago I thought WordPress was the best way to develop Affiliate Review Sites…..boy was I wrong because I discovered some Xsitepro Affiliate Review Templates that are really awesome!

Many internet marketers are achieving success in affiliate marketing by using affiliate review sites. These sites are most easily built by using affiliate review site templates. If you search, you’ll find affiliate review templates for many type of websites such as:

  • Static Html Pages
  • Xsitepro Webpages
  • WordPress Blogs

Chris Rempel popularized the affiliate review method known as The Conduit Method by posting a free post in the warrior forum (paid section) on his method of developing affiliate review sites along with discussing how successful he’s been while using this method.

Affiliate review sites are developed when comparing at least 2 products. The main page features both products, preferably with images. The subpages are individual product pages that contain a detail description, review and user comments…..finally a call to action. The main idea is to keep the concept simple and repeatable. Kind of like setting up a simplified McDonald’s Resturant…..their model is simple and the same for each resturant.

I’ve found Xsitepro the perfect platform for developing affiliate review sites. Xsitepro uses a template system for building websites, so it becomes very easy to develop an affiliate review site if you have a xsitepro affiliate review site template. You can find a ton of xsitepro templates, but try and find an affiliate review template!

One source of xsitepro review templates is Chris Rempel’s Vip Essentials and contains everything you need to build a 6 fixure affiliate business featuring:

  • High-Converting, “Just Add Content” HTML Templates (includes Xsitepro Review Templates)
  • Specialized “Conduit Review Site-Maker” For WordPress
  • Step-by-Step, Brainless Targeted TRAFFIC Blueprints
  • Quick-Start Outsourcing Templates & “Cheat-Sheets”
  • SEO Action Plans
  • Easy to follow Instructions

Chris’s package is the best way to go even if you’re simply looking Xsitepro Review Site Templates. These are the exact products and procedures that Chris has used to develop the Conduit Method and is the way he achieved success with affiliate review websites.

However, if you just want to get your hands on affiliate review templates consider the below sources:

Xsitepro Affiliate Review Templates

WordPress Affiliate Review Templates

If you invest in a set of  these templates you could easily do 2 a week!  Start sending some traffic and watch what happens :)

This video will give you an idea how the WordPress Affiliate Review Templates works.

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