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Ideas for Making Use of Xsitepro 2.0

Xsiteprohas been around for at least 3 years or so. Xsitepro Version 1 has evolved into Xsitepro Version 2. With the advent of Version 2, Xsitepro has crossed the hurdle from being an ordinary run of the mill website building application to a stellar application with many advanced features…..yet still is newbie friendly.

Xsitepro became famous by creating a way for the novice webmaster to concieve, build and upload a website to the internet with a very small learning curve. Programs such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage, NVU to name a few were very good website editors but can’t compare to the simplicity of Xsitepro. Many newbies owe their web presence to Xsitepro.

As Xsitepro developed and it’s use has been simplifed by other users there have been a pile of 3rd party applications, courses and ebooks to help explain and make the use of Xsitepro even easier. Some of the videos you’ll find in this category will help you to navigate your way through the use of Xsitepro.Check out this video, it will help you build better sites.

For further help, check out this Xsitepro resource….In my opinion, Earn1KaDay, is the best membership on the net for learning Internet Marketing….only for those serious in making money! Best Internet Marketing membership free tools, books and learn how to make $1000 a Day!

Xsitepro Template Tutorials will have you building your own templates in an hour or less!

XSitePro 2 has every feature you can imagine for creating a web 2.0 website.The internet marketers answer to DreamWeaver and FrontPage.

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3 Responses to “XSitePro 2”
  1. ranker1xyz says:

    I used this program and it BLEW UP after 1 designed a whole site and I LOST ALL OF IT !!!!!! NEVER AGAIN !!! JUNK !!!! Solution: DreamWeaver, CS3 or a REAL PROGRAM TOOL !!!

  2. JNRCORPS says:

    I dont think that you get it free when you use the version 1 update button. i think you have to go to the main xsite pro site and update that way…. i did also think that it would be a free update if you had version 1.

  3. XBLOCKS says:

    When will the update to version 2 be available? I checked on my Xsitepro updater and they said no updates were available.
    Great Program

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