XSitePro 2 Review-Do You Really Need It?

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Have you ever tried to put up a website? Is a cheesy template the best you can hope for? Do you have enough trouble with English, let alone an entirely new HTML language? Do you have any clue what a hyperlink markup is? Don’t worry, it is about to get easy.

Ok, I have a confession. I have built over 100 websites, and I copy what little code I ever still need. Yes using blogs and free WYSIWYG editors (That’s what you see is what you get) I have had to learn some HTML. When I started using Frontpage and Dreamweaver I had to learn way more than I knew. I knew I would forever be using junk templates that I could not modify forever. So I struggled putting up my first 10 sites. They all sucked, are still up and barely pay for what I spend hosting them.

I knew to step up my profits, I quickly had to find another solution. I was reading through a free bonus report on web marketing and the author mentioned a product I had never heard of, XSitePro. I did some research, and thought it might be the answer to my prayers, so I bought it and tried it. WOW, it was almost as easy to put up a professional looking site as a my space page!

I began spewing out web sites. I could put out and publish a well optimized compliant high ranking site as quick as an article. I was in heaven, my sites were all search engine friendly user friendly, and I could go back to marketing my sites for income. I could keep using XSitePro for two more years if I had to, but there were limitations.

Web 2.0. Video, adsense, music, dynamic pages, interaction. Now do not get me wrong,I do well for myself with my limited sites, and do not have a clue how to do any of these, but I know that is what the future will demand. In steps XSitePro 2. If you name any feature you would want a piece of software to do on building a website. It does it. I don’t know if I will ever use half of what is available.

What I do know is XSitePro 2 is state of the art. With all the intuitive features it comes with, I am sure I will be able to double the number of sites I have making me money in six months. If you have never built your first site, or you are a seasoned pro and want to spend more time doing what you enjoy than writing websites, XSitePro 2 is exactly what the doctor ordered. Build two sites and call me in the morning!

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