Xsite Version 2 Allows for the Creation of 5 Custom Folders

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Create Custom Folders for Files from Your Local Folder….New Benefit from Xsitepro Version 2

I found a fellow user with an interesting problem, he needs to create some php pages that will all be in a seperate folder. Fortunately, Xsitepro version 2 allows you to create up to 5 custom folders and import files into these folders. A nice step forward for the Xsite folks.

Here’s the question:

1. I’d like to make a separate “advertisement” folder within a website, where I’m going to put several php duplicated landing pages. For SEO purpose I’d like to add this “advertisement” folder to the robots.txt file as a disallowed folder to avoid some duplicate content issues.
How can I create this folder within a given website with Xsitepro 2.0?

2. How can I create a php page with XsitePro 2.0?
I have the php code. Now I’m using Notepad to create this php file.
The drawback is that file should be uploaded separately.
Is there any possibility this file to be created with XsitePro and uploaded with other pages belonging to a website?

My Answer

You could try changing the extentsion to .php when you create the page….but I’m not sure you can get you new page in the folder you need. There may be a way to do it but I haven’t discovered how to manage files and folders from the main Web Pages—-> Page Settings If it can be done from here maybe someone will enlighten us.

I do know one way of doing it that should work for your project.

I would continue to use notepad or something, and create your files, dump them into a folder on you local hardrive.

Next go to the “Other” tab and then the Resource Button.

Once in the Resource Manager…go to the bottom of the window and click on Folder Name Settings….here you have an option to put your files in existing folders or you can create a new folder….Based on what you want to do, I think you would have to create a new folder. So use one of the Custom tabs to create your new folder….it looks like version 2 gives you the ability to create up to 5 custom folders.

After you click the Resource Button, you’ll have the option to import files. A new window will pop up and there will be small button on the upper top left with a green plus called “Add”.

Click on Add and you will be able to Navigate to your local folder with your php files. Select all the php files you want to import. Hold shift and click on the files you need. Go down to Open and click on Open.

A small window will open that will allow you to choose the folder you created. Pick your folder and click on Add.

That’s it.

Remember if you update the files on your local folder, you will have to repeat this process to get the latest folders into your New Xsite Folder.

Maybe someone has an easier way, but this is better than what was available in version 1 and should do the trick for you.

Option 2

At first glance you would think that you could upload your xsite website and then with a ftp program upload your folder and files. This would probably work, however, you will lose the updateing, saving and exporting functionality of xsitepro. In other words, if you moved the site or backed it up or sent a copy to someone else, your new folder and files would not be in the .xsp files that are created by xsitepro…..Remember this only happens if you decide to use a ftp program to upload your folder and files….hope that makes sense.

Good luck


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3 Responses to “Xsite Version 2 Allows for the Creation of 5 Custom Folders”
  1. Myles says:

    Be cautious with the extra folders.

    I use folders extensively on sites, organizing everything. Including images, with thumbnails in one folder, full size in another.

    When I used the custom XSP folders to create a gallery, with thumbs in one folder, full size in another, XSP changed the URL’s every time I went into design mode.

    What once was:


    No images had moved, it just changed my code, thus breaking the gallery and meaning I had to rewrite it all.

    This may have been fixed in the latest release though, so be cautious when using them.

  2. xsiteproreviewsbest says:

    Thanks for the warning Myles….I think some of the first versions of Xsitepro ver2 automatically assigned any file that looked like an image by it’s extension went into the default “image” folder.

    I don’t know if the current version fixed it, I need to upgrade to the latest version.

    Anybody that reads this should PAY ATTENTION to your warning! ….maybe practice on a test site first.

    Thanks for the warning though….nothing worse than things not working the way they are supposed to :)

    Take Care



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