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Let’s face it, even if you use a different search engine, good website builders acknowledge that Google is the top dog when it comes to internet search.
The algorithms that govern the engine produces results that people want to see, so they keep going back to Google.
Well, you can use Google’s success to contribute to your own.
The Google search engine works on the premise that it can effectively narrow down the websites that will be most appealing to searchers given the terms that they typed into the search.
The search engine matches these terms to the massive number of keywords and websites that it has automatically indexed, then returns the results that match the most.
The way that you can make Google work for you is to get your site listed towards the top of that list of results.
Now, Google has never unveiled its algorithms, but it have given independent website owners like yourself something to balance against the huge websites and companies that can afford to pay professional search engine optimizers. That option is the XML Sitemap Submission.
A sitemap is just what its name suggests, a map of your entire website. All of the different pages and subpages that constitute your site are shown on a sitemap – it shows its organizational structure clearly. “So what?” you may ask.
Good website builders you see, are proactive about having their total website indexed by Google. This gives them a much better chance of getting their website to show up in search results, in turn leading to a higher volume of visitors.
A high end, top quality website software package will automatically create a sitemap for submission.
Another good way to make some money off of Google is to insert their Adsense ads into your website.
Once these ads are posted on your web pages, you will get a commission each time a click on the ad results in a sale. The amounts are small, but if you can create a website that has a lot of visitors, then you can easily generate a lot of extra income. So, how do you create these ads?
By ensuring you use a good web design program, it is possible to enter them with just a few mouse clicks. As well, if you place these ads into your sites, you will be able to instantly apply them to each of the pages that compose your website.
Make sure that you choose a good website builder package that has easy to use and apply XML tools to help you befriend Google.

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