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Have you heard of WP Twin yet?

I had to take a minute and share some pretty cool wordpress blog information. Some of you guys are using WordPress and Xsitepro together. Surprisingly I’ve run into many situations where its very beneficial to use Xsitepro and WordPress while taking advantage of the benefits both systems provide.

Simply put, WP Twin makes duplicating or cloning your wordpress blog a 30 second process and WPTwin isn’t a wordpress plugin. WP Twin is a script, basically 2 files that are uploaded to your wordpress installation, next you paste your url in the browser, type in your registration code and bingo bango….you get a file to download that has all the settings of your wordpress blog.

To recreate or start another blog you simply upload the special file that was produced by WP Twin to your new wordpress installation and you can have an exact duplicate of the original blog.

The simplicity of WP Twin is a large part of it’s beauty. The process of duplicating or cloning a wordpress blog is so simple that any newbie can clone or backup their blog. The implications of being able to duplicate a wp blog using WP Twin are mind numbing! If all it did was backup your blog…. WPTwin would be a bargin.

In some ways WP Twin is very similar to the backup process of Xsitepro. With Xsitepro all we have to do is “Export” a site and we have the template along with all the contents in a single “.xse” file. Until now, you could not easily do this with wordpress. WPTwin allows you to create a single file of your wordpress blog that includes everything from your blog, that means templates, plugins, themes, htaccess files….and I believe it will even copy files out of the wordpress structure.

Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos are the creators of WP Twin and have big plans. I’d watch this script closely and I would grab it before the price goes up. They aren’t doing some scarcity thing…..I think they just realize that they have their hands on one hot script. Both of these guys have been around for a while. Wilson is the brains behind this piece of work and Jason will be developing the direction it will go in. I was on a webinar where they were talking about all the possibilities, other than just backups or clones that WP Twin will be suited for. Services you could offer those who aren’t in the know. Sell your cloned sites by niche…and much more. So the forum will be an active place for WP Twin users as they discuss unique ways of using it.

I love my Xsitepro…. but I also really enjoy WordPress. Even as an Xsitepro user you cannot ingnore this review of WP Twin and you would be doing yourself a favor by picking up a copy of WPTwin.

I’ll do a more thorough review of WP Twin as I start to use it.

Check out this psuedo WP Twin Review

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