Where to Put a 3rd Party Script with Xsitepro

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I ran across a question regarding php scripts. This person was having a problem utilizing a 3rd party script…..and I think they really need to get a new hosting account. However there could be some miscommunication between the hosting provider and user……but, I think the problem comes from trying to put the script in the wrong place when using Xsitepro. Anyway, here’s they’re question:

I have been having issues with an enquiry form and my Hosting webspace.
Basically to enable PHP with my hosting company I have had to enable something called CGI which sits on a different server. They have told me ‘basic html files need to go on the ftp site and any php and scripted files on the CCGI’.
What I am trying to do is use option 5 (redirection of an filled in client enquiry to a specified e-mail address). Aside of switching to host gator is there anything I can do?.
I am using plus.net hosting.
Any help much appreciated.

Here’s my attempt at answering:

Sounds like they are making it more complicated than it has to be.

I’ve 4 or 5 hosting accounts and I have never had to put my php scripts into a designated folder…and you should not have to.

I’m not an authority on hosting and someone might have a better explanation, I’m assuming their reason has to do with security.

If your script is a cgi or perl script, you need to put it in a folder or directory of your hosting account called “cgi-bin” ….perhaps this is what you’re dealing with.

You probably already know this, but often times you have a script hosted on your server, and this script performs some kind of function…..as an example, lets say it resizes some images. Next you call the function of this script into your webpage with a php include or a SSI….server side include.

When using Xsitepro you would first go to “Other” tab—-> then “Resource Manager” and click on “Add” and you add the page that has your php script. Then you would follow the directions for using the script.

If your script is a cgi or perl script, I’m assuming you would have to use a ftp program to upload the script to the cgi-bin folder and then follow the directions to make the script do what it’s supposed to do…..keeping in mind the file structure and location of your script and webpage.

Sorry couldn’t be of more help…..Good Luck!


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