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One nuisance that has been around for as long as the internet, is the existence of extraneous files that accompany websites.
When you upload your website, you need to make sure that along with it you upload every image file you want to use, every Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) that determines font styles, every video or audio clip you want to include, and lots of other files as well.
If you don’t have a well organized filing system, it is easy to misplace or lose files amonst the clutter. And even with a good system, you may leave old files on your site that are no longer used and are just taking up space.
File Clean Up
The makers of XSitePro 2.0 understand the problems associated with building and maintaining a website, so they have built tools into their software to manage a lot of those problems with a minimal amount of effort.
The program’s suite of Website Cleanup tools are able to tell you if there are any files that are no longer needed, redundant, or out-dated. And, because this powerful package can handle the publishing of your website to the server, it ensures that everything is uploaded in an organized fashion.
Mapping Your Site
Along with creating all of the files and content for your website, you also have to remember what everything is for and where it is. When a site comprises just a few pages, that may be simple, but as your site grows in content and size, it becomes more complex.
Enter the automatically created Full Sitemap function. It helps you keep track of each facet of your site, and is an excellent way to help your website’s visitors find precisely what they are seeking. And, as an added bonus, sitemaps help ensure that your entire website gets indexed by search engines.
The Time is Now! Or, Whenever You Want it to be
Now this is a program that has been designed to make hard things easy.
When you first build your website using the new version 2, you’ll find that it helps you along and makes it easy to produce a great looking website. Once you’ve completed making it, it will be easy to see why it is imperative to keep everything up to date.
With the Taskbar Scheduler, you can set up everything in advance and simply tell the program when you want to make changes, and XSitepro will take care of the rest for you.
This user friendly website builder is easy to buy, easy to download, and easy to learn. Its developers have made it easy for you to create and publish a website, and smoothed the way for you to maintain it and keep it updated.Find out why tools forfile management
are the secret to easily controlling the data in your website and how XSitePro2 has mastered the file management process.
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