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A lot of people think the work is done once they have built their site and added all the content. Not so for the successful site owners. They know that the website needs to be analyzed before the job is done.
Getting caught up in the building of your website is easy to do, and when you do this it is possibly to lose objectivity. The makers quality website building software realize this and build-in a series of Analysis tools designed to determine what needs to be done to your site in order to make it the best it can possibly be.
Accessibility Analysis
The entire point of creating a website is that you want people to see it. You want your visitors to look beyond the landing page and search deep into your site, and then keep returning. A good software’s Accessibility Analysis Tool will scan your entire website project in order to determine any content accessibility problems.
Readability Analysis
The Readability Analysis featured in this software applies the Flesch Kincaid test to the page text on your website. This test is a method by which you can determine the ease with which people will be able to read your website. It uses a formula that takes into account the total number of words, the number of syllables used in words, and sentence length to determine just how difficult it would be to comprehend your text.
This test is by no means perfect, but it does provide a good indicator of your site’s overall readability, and readability is a key factor in reaching the widest possible audience.
SEO Analysis
A vital feature to anyone looking to boost the viewership of their website, an SEO Analysis tool will scan through your website and suggest ways to improve your search engine positioning. This feature was completely redesigned for version 2 of XSitePro as one of a range of improvements that will help you gain search engine rankings immediately.
Preview Tools
Even when using a program that provides a What You See Is What You Get interface, its still handy to be able to immediately load up your web page in a browser in order to see exactly what it will look like when your visitors view it. This software’s designers recognized this convenience, so they built in a Site Preview Tool that will load your web pages in a matter of seconds so that you can inspect them.UsingXsitepro version 2
from the outset will ensurethat analyzing and optimizing your website is done properly from the outset.
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