Using Widgets and Squidoo Lenses for More Traffic

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Lot’s of xsitepro users will develop networks of blogs and websites in an effort to create traffic. Using squidoo lenses is a common and good practice for any xsitepro user to work on. One problem with a squidoo lense is that you have limited amount of html coding you can use on your squidoo lense. I found a good post that shows you exactly how to add optin codes and other html code snippets.

Did you ever want to add an optin form to your squidoo lense?

I know at one point in time Squidoo allowed you to paste your optin code into a lense. Then they allowed you to put your optin code into a squidoo lense using iframes. They stopped allowing both of those methods. Finally the only way to put an optin code was by creating an image of the optin box and putting that image into your squidoo lense and then linking to an off site landing page with the real optin code. Not very good for list building!

Finally there is a way to easily add your optin code to a squidoo lense using widgets. In fact, you can create a widget for just about any snippet of code including things like Amazon, Ebay and other affiliate program.

Well…I stumbled on a squidoo lense that actually tells you how to create a widget for just about any chunk of html coding….including your optin form code.

Stop over at Clearspring Tutorial and you’ll discover some tricks you can use to get a variety of html coding in your squidoo lense’s that was previously banned and from what I read, it is totally legal to use widgets for creating html or javascript optin code in your squidoo lenses.

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