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Today, there are thousands of applications in the market promising quick and effective web designing. The most popular type of software is What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors. These applications provide an interface that allows you to build your web site exactly how you want it to look when people visit it online.

Some popular WYSIWYG applications are given below:

Adobe Dreamweaver – The most popular application among professional web designers. It offers various features and allows you to create dynamic web sites. A disadvantage of this application is that it is difficult to start with. If you are new to web design, then you have to spend quite some time in mastering the basics only. It is also expensive to buy.

Who should use it? – Professional web site designers who want to create dynamic and cutting-edge web sites using the latest technologies. This application is very powerful and animates a lot of web designing tasks.


Microsoft’s FrontPage – This application offers various features, but often adds redundant code to the pages it creates. This can increase the loading time of pages, especially for dial-up connection. It is also not as user-friendly as Dreamweaver. In order to build a dynamic site, you will need to use Microsoft server technologies, which may not be required. One advantage of FrontPage over Dreamweaver is that it is less expensive and easier to learn.

Who should use it? – If you are a fan of Microsoft technologies and want to use them on the web page, then use this application. Just take care of creating smaller and less pages, as this application cannot handle large pages, which take a lot of time to load.


XSitePro from Intellimon Ltd. – It is a relatively new application, which is designed for new web designers. This application only offers those features that are essential to create a basic site. As a result, anyone can easily use this application to design effective web sites. Although it has made web design easier, it does not offer any useful features to create dynamic sites. Its interface is also quite different from Dreamweaver or FrontPage.

Who should use it? – If you are a new web designer and are just starting out, then this application is for you. It is easy to learn and use and can produce beautiful sites very quickly. Like Dreamweaver, it automates a lot of the common tasks associated with design.


With these WYSIWYG editors, designing a web site is no longer a chore. It is a fun and interesting activity provided you choose the right software. Choose a WYSIWYG editor based on your skill, experience, and requirements. The result will be less time to design a web site and a site that is aesthetic, attractive, and professional.  

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