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Mark Ling has become a huge name in the internet marketing world and he has made a handsome living as a “super affiliate” in the process. His New Zealand based company, Affilorama Group Limited promotes a variety of software packages, including an SEO tool  called Traffic Travis. In addition they also offer quality affiliate marketing training programs called Affiilorama and AffiloBlueprint. Ling and his group have recently released AffiloBlueprint 2.0, which completely updates an already comprehensive step-by-step video training series.

Affilorama is a website that provides free lessons, tools, tips and advice to help the aspiring affiliate marketers. Their focus is to help beginning affiliate marketers create an online business from the ground up. Ling and his group also offers more structured training through their AffiloBlueprint, 2.0 online series, a 12-week course comprised of of 40 step-by-step. videos designed to walk you through the entire process of building a successful online, affiliate marketing business.

The videos series teaches topics such as market research, creating, finding content for and customizing your website using XsitePro or WordPress.  AffiloBlueprint, 2.0 covers all the fundamentals of search engine optimization of (SEO) and shows you how to market yourself by using free resources such as newsletters, social media and article marketing. The video series even discusses paid advertising strategies using Pay-Per-Click promotions.

The step-by-step approach is perfect for beginners as it really shows you everything you’ll need to know to achieve success in online, affiliate marketing. The training is a true “over your shoulders” experience that Mark Ling conducts himself. Ling and his female sidekick literally show you many of the tricks of the trade. His sidekick serves as the student, so he can explain things and she can then ask questions about what he’s doing and how he is doing it. This format serves to make sure everything is explained so that a newcomer can thoroughly understand all the concepts being presented. Each video segment is short and to the point and they assign homework to be complete before proceeding to the next training segment.  If you follow the curriculum, by the end of the 40 lessons, you’ll have a fully functioning website up and running on the internet.

Affilorama is different from many affiliate marketing training sites because they give you detailed, useful advice completely free. Many of the more advanced topics and tools, however,  are available only to premium members. The nice thing is that you receive a lot of material at no charge and then, if you like what you see and feel comfortable with their format, you can go ahead and join to reeve their complete package.

The word on the street is that Affiloramam and AffiloBlueprint, 2.0 offers quality services, tools and training. The Affilorama Group is recognized for providing great resources for beginners interested in a step-by-step formula for success and the more experienced marketer searching for advanced advice. Affillorama’s free lessons are a good starting point for someone new to affiliate marketing, and the premium membership is packed with valuable tools and tactics. The Affilorama Premium membership cost is $67 month and the AffiloBlueprint, 2.0 training is $197 which includes enrollment in the premium membership for the first month.

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