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XSitePro has released a new version of it website creation and management software package.  XSitePro offers the budding internet marketer an impressive number of tools that are integrated into XSitePro that assist you with your marketing activities.  This article previews these tools and explains how they can benefit you in your internet marketing endeavours.

Auto Page Generation â?? A great feature that allows a webmaster to instantly convert a single long page of text and information into an unlimited number of pages to bulk up the content of your website.  XSitePro has a feature that allows you to do this and include simple and clean site navigation links instantly.

Find and Replace â?? Similar to how the find and replace feature works in word processors, with the added benefit of being able to search for text or HTML code across multiple pages and delete it or replace it with something else.  This is especially handy if you have to make changes to a featured price or similar piece of information located across a website.

Breadcrumb Trail â?? Search Engines love websites that include breadcrumb trails as part of their site navigation structure.  Trying to insert and keep track of breadcrumb trails manually can be a nightmare.  XSitePro offers you the option of including and automatically updating a breadcrumb trail.  All you need to do is choose the option and whenever you add or change a page within your site, XSitePro will update it automatically.

Google Adsense â?? A nice integrated feature that allows you to customise the Adsense ad boxes tight in your website.  This is especially handy as it is a quick and painless way of helping you ensure your website has a consistent style in its use of Adsense.

Google Sitemaps â?? All SEO experts will tell you that Google site maps are a crucial element in achieving good results in Google.  XSitePro will automatically generate a compliant Google Sitemap with a couple of clicks f your mouse. 

Redirect Pages â?? Simple to use and easy to manage. Redirect pages can employed for a variety of uses including hiding your affiliate links, monitoring and tracking ad performances as well as a host of other important functions.  Manage of your redirects from within an efficient interface included with XSitePro.

Affiliate Programs â?? XSitePro has a very practical and simple Wizard that makes maintaining and managing your affiliate programs a breeze.  You can manage as many schemes as you like, allowing you to keep vital information all in a simple to access area within XSitePro.  Inserting affiliate links etc is also easy and is simply a matter of a couple of mouse clicks.  Anyone that has been signed up to multiple affiliate schemes and tried to manage the links and banners etc, will know what a time consuming and frustrating task this can be.

Pop-Ups â?? Incorporating effective pop-ups, pop-ins and pop-unders has often meant finding scripts on the net and including them in your design process.  XSitePro, has a very versatile interface that allows you to design , these nifty features as well as program when, how, where and how often they appear. It is customisable across your whole website, or tailored for each and every page.  The choice is yours.

Script Wizard â?? XSitePro comes with a vast range of scripts that can be installed into your website with a simple click of a mouse.  If the included scripts arenâ??t enough for you, importing and implementing customizes scripts is a simple procedure.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) â?? XSitePro has integrated a very clever and powerful tool that allows you to analyse the prospective search engine performance of every single page of your website.  The parameters are alterable to reflect the latest development in the SEO world.

All in all, the tools that are included with XSitePro are impressive in that they are tailored for beginners and advanced internet marketers alike.  The tools save you literally hours upon hours of tasks that are mundane and repetitive in other website publishing software.  The extra time that you are left with can be used for more important tasks like marketing your website.

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