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Suggestions for Working with Xsitepro

Xsitepro has on the market for a while now. Xsitepro Version 1 has evolved into Xsitepro Version 2. Xsitepro Version 2 is praised by all its users and contains almost all the features requested by the users of Version 1.

Xsitepro’s claim to fame was that it provided a way for newbies or those just entering the fine art of website building to get a website created and uploaded to the world wide web. You’ll find Xsitepro Version 2 stands up to programs like Dreamweaver, Frontpage and NVU, however, these other programs don’t compare to the ease of use you find in Xsitepro. Many newbies owe their web presence to Xsitepro.

As with any successful software application that has become successful, there are a ton of videos around that help you use the program….also you’ll find some great ebooks and courses that really get into the details and advanced uses of the program. I created this category on the blog to help you pick through some of the youtube videos for Xsitepro….some are really good, some are basic and some are sort of average….but each one will teach you something.Take a look at this video, see if you can learn one Xsitepro trick.

Learn some of the advanced techniques of Xsitepro by using….Only for those who want massive success If you want traffic….that is lasting traffic they check out Traffic Geyser…today!

www.mypersonalmarketingcoach.com Learn how to add an rss feed to your site and get syndicated content using Xsite Pro. Video tutorial by Caterina Christakos.

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Make Your Own Xsitepro Templates

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You Can Make Your Own Free XsitePro Templates

Learn how to create your own Xsitepro Templates by watching this video tutorial showing you step by step the methods and concept behind slicing up a website template and creating a Xsitepro Template!

Since XsitePro is one of the easiest site builders available on the market, there has always been the problem of the XsitePro “footprint”. This is because most xsitepro templates and websites pretty much look the same, and this is made worse by people who use the templates that come free with the program and do not change them at all.

This is always a mistake, and only a newcomer to the world of internet marketing would use the same template that thousands of other people have.

It is fairly easy to build your own site with the new Xsite Pro, using paid or free software that is available to all or software.

Plus the sense of satisfaction at looking at a web site that you have created is second to none in the world! Of course, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and you don’t want a web site that nobody ever sees, either. You want to remember that many people who can make up great websites on their own do not because they prefer to work on things that they feel confident or expert in, like article writing or keyword research, and leave the graphics part of it to people who are experts in that field.

Of course, there are lots of free XsitePro templates out there, but usually, they are not all that attractive, and have the maker’s link permanently embedded into the site. To create a nice site does not take all that long, you just need a few guidelines. Look around at other sites and see what it is you like, and then you can use them as a basis for your own site.

We need a template to start out our new site, and usually people use Photoshop to make slices to be used in XsitePro. There are many tutorials on how to use Photoshop, just Google it

After you are happy with your header, go to the side panels, making sure that they match nicely in color with the header colors.

Now, you have to make sure that everything fits together nicely, so make sure your slices are as follows: Header should be 160 by 700 pixels; the footer should be 60 by 130. The Panels, both right and left, should be 65 by 500, and the Main Body 65 by 500.

Of course, these are just basics, and you can do many other things with different sizes and with the XsitePro Preview, it is easy to see what they look like before you publish on the web.

Importing your new site into XsitePro is a snap. Create you project, then new website; click the page layout, and then start importing your new information. The page layout is the key to this; make sure you watch all the videos at Xsitepro main site.

Another thing that people do is take an existing template and “fiddle” around with it, making a new and unique template up that way.

Of course, if you are more interested in letting the experts handle creating Extraordinary Websites, Templates and Graphics so you can get down to actually creating and publishing websites, then check out my limited time offer at http://xsiteprodesigns.net

Learn how to create your own Xsitepro Templates by watching this video tutorial showing you step by step the methods and concept behind slicing up a website template and creating a Xsitepro Template! Find out how you can get 20 Xsitepro templates for the cost of a cup of coffee!

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