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A career in fiction writing or as a creative writer is really difficult to get off the ground – there is a lot of competition out there.
True, there is an insatiable demand for fresh stories, but at the same time, there are a lot of hurdles to be overcome by those who want to meet that demand.
If you need any proof, check out the best seller’s book list for any given week, and then compare that to a list of books that were released that same week. The ratio is staggering.
There are thousands of excellent writers who are working themselves into obscurity, because they are yet to achieve any kudos for their work. They don’t have a big enough presence in the industry to get noticed.
So, how do you get your creative writing out to the people?
Well, a good first start is to make a website.
Creating a website is a breeze nowadays because of the huge advances made in web design software. Something that in the not so distant past would have required programmers working for days, now gets done by complete amateurs in just a couple of hours.
Also, is you pick a really good web design program, you’ll have numerous professionally-designed templates to choose from that will make the process even quicker and make the final product look that much better.
Creating the website is the easy part, however. Fiction writers who have become really successful have be able to get their names ‘known’ and their work has got people craving more.
If you write short stories, then post a few good ones on your website. There won’t be a great financial return for the story (except by using advertising features from your web design program) but you will be getting your work published.
Creative writing web-rings abound. In return for posting a link to somebody else’s website on your home page, that person will add a link to yours.
By sharing traffic like this, you can make sure that a lot more people see your work, and once you have that recognition, it is a lot easier to segue into having your work published in a more traditional venue.
Investigate building a website for yourself – that way you will have full control over the content, and have the ability to update it in a flash.

Amateur writers who have their own websites are in the best position possible to earn a good living from their dream job. Get the facts now.
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