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You’ve read several XSitePro Reviews and now you’re questioning whether a true novice can make sense of it all. “It’s obvious that the software can do a ton of things; can somebody like me with virtually no experience possibly make it work?”

The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Read on for the details of my “newbie” experience with XSitePro.

You may have started your adventure into online business the way I did, you tried using the free software provided by a hosting company to build a website. “Lame!” As well as totally confusing.

You might have tried a freeware program like Kompozer and discovered that it can be pretty difficult and time consuming to learn.

Perhaps a blog platform? Not bad, but you still encounter snags here or there trying to create the look you want for your website. Trying to add an element like graphics or maybe a web form to one of your pages can be a challenge, and if you get caught up at all in the PHP used on most blogs? “Good grief!”

That’s how the story went for me until one day I was visiting a forum where a bunch of the members were discussing XSitePro2 and what a great tool it was for building websites. The folks ranged in experience anywhere from total newcomers right up to experienced web designers and it seemed as though this software was ideally suited to the needs of every one of them. “Hmmm, pretty promising”, I thought.

I headed over and visited XSitePro website. I looked at all the features and watched a few videos. I also read through some more reviews. I have to say I was impressed. Even more importantly, the software looked like something I could easily work with even as a total beginner.

I decided to purchase the Program. Looking back on things I can honestly say it remains one of the best investments I’ve made in online business.

XSitePro starts you off with the “Basic Tutorial” and “Getting Started Video” Training. You actually build a website piece by piece following right along one step at a time with the video and book. “Wow, I can do this!”

You’ll also download two other Manuals of 254 and 1004 pages. I can hear you saying, “AAAAAGH!” right now. No need to worry. They’re just for reference. The software is highly intuitive and there are plenty of video tutorials online if you need them.

Up to this point I’ve built every one of my websites with ease and pretty quickly too and I’ve only used either of the Manuals a few times. You have pretty much all you need to build a nice website after you complete the “Getting Started” training.

Should you run into a snag here or there you can visit the XSitePro Forums. These are an incredible source of help and information. Whenever I’ve run into a challenge on a project or some aspect of using the software, I’ve always been able to solve it with help from the Forums, often within minutes and always within a few hours.

A lot of people in the Forums are professional web designers and I’ve seen them actually go in and look at someone’s website code or whatever the fix entails in order to help them to make the necessary corrections. That’s the kind of help that really is priceless for beginners like you and me. Oftentimes the explanation you get back in answer to your question makes for a great learning experience too.

There’s quite a bit of discussion in the Forums around things like internet marketing, website design, online products, etc. It’s a really neat aspect of a great resource package that beginners can participate in and take advantage of.

The main thing I want to get across to you right now is that there IS an excellent and very easy to use piece of website building software out there for newcomers with little or no website building experience. That’s exactly where I was when I made the decision to invest in it.

I can tell you from personal experience that it will make everything easier, less frustrating, and much faster for you.

Even more importantly, you won’t be wasting so much of your valuable time trying to figure out how to do this or that, or create this or that, using web design software that’s way over all our newcomer heads combined.

I have to say that I haven’t gone into tremendous detail on the all the features and benefits that XSitePro offers. There are simply way too many to mention here.

You can check them out at my website. You’ll find a ton of “Video Tutorials” there and a more in depth review of the software as well.

See for yourself how easy it can be to build your dream website at XSitePro Reviews.

Want to see what an XSitePro built website looks like and what it can do?

Take a look at my website

©2010 Kurt Brendstrup

Dr. Kurt Brendstrup recently retired from a 20 year practice in alternative health-care. He now works online, has written a book, and is following along a more “creative” path. He currently lives and writes in North Carolina.
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