Review of Niche Health Products for June

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Review of Niche Health Products for June

The above link is to a post for a very cool site featuring XsitePro templates that are niche specific for the health and wellness field and its a very affordable membership site giving you 2 complete products a month.

PLR articles can help you make a lot of money if you are using good articles and approaching the process from the right angle.

Private Lable Rights licenses come in all shapes and sizes. Some PLR have an anything goes license,Niche Health Products PLR book flat cover for respite care basically this type of license is the same as public domain works. However, you’ll find other Private Label Rights to vary with the type of book, maybe article and even software. Such as:

giving rights to sell to others
selling a site once it’s completed…known as site flipping
most plr licenses will allow you to put your name on it if you alter the original in a signifcant way
claiming authorship
no license to sell to others
…..and on and on

I belong to a handful of PLR memberships and to be honest, I will space off and forget that I need to download the current months articles and other materials. That is all of them except for one. That would be Niche Health Products by Kim Standerline which provides articles, ebooks and 2 highly customizable monthly websites complete with custom graphics and templates yep, you get a 2 subjects each month with minisites, otherwise known as adsense sites, articles, ebooks, website templates and graphics.

One of the greatest benefits of Kim Standerline’s Niche Health Products is that you are drilling down deeper into a very wide niche, the wide niche being Health and each month the two subjects will be one aspect of illness or the health industry.

monthly health plr products diabetes websiteTwo years ago I joined Niche Health Products PLR Membership and must say the articles have been outstanding. In fact I was so impressed that I asked if I could join the team and participate in some way.

I’ve been creating the monthly minisites with custom one off looking websites. I really enjoy doing my work for Niche Health Products and I don’t want to brag, but the graphics are high quality and the xsitepro website templates are off the charts…..I guarantee you’ll never see anything like them….I spend more time than usual trying to create something that is new and cutting edge.

So I create 2 website templates that correspond to the subjects for that month. I also create a simple square header and footer for each subject in case someone might be looking just for a header graphic. Also, I make 2 ebook covers each for the subjects presented in Niche Health Products, I provide the flat .psd image so, if you have the photoshop actions you can edit these covers to your hearts content. Along with the ebook, I create a flat image for both themes.

Xsitepro version 2 website templatesAll the book and flat images are sized from 500 pixels wide down to 150 pixels wide.

When I create the xsitepro website templates, I provide both the .psd and .jpg images. You can then slice them for use in any program for creating websites. The psd files are very valuable, almost like public domain images..

As mentioned you get 2 seperate versions of each website template, the psd and jpg files, the jpg file is optimized for best appearance and quick loading. You will get 2 seperate versions of Xsitepro websites ready to load up to your website….plus you also get 2 additional versions of a standard html type website, in othe words, non-XsitePro website..

I know, you’re probably confused…what’s up with 2 Xsitepro versions. The first version is the simplest, it has pages with the .htm extension and all you need to do is import it into Xsitepro and upload to your site. Every webpage is made with the basic xsitepro website template and includes 3 google adsense ads with one plr article…every now and then I will include a big selling clickbank ebook. It’s designed for the novice and is easy for just about anyone to edit and upload.

The second edition of Xsitepro website is a variation that includes some dynamic content. Basically this Xsitepro website has everything the first version has, however, it includes something very important and that is the rotating snippets of text and current news from rss feeds, which include affiliate links and it will display a rss feed at the bottom of the page with content that is specific to the content of the website. It’s next to impossible to have duplicate content with these sites even if you don’t change a thing….(as always, anytime you work with plr material it is to your advantage to do some editing to the original text). The other unique thing about these sites is that they will have the .php extension

Since everyone doesn’t have Xsitepro I also create 2 versions in a standard html format that can be edited in any html editor….such as, Dreamweaver, NVU and other wysiwyg website editiors.

The third version has pages with the extension of .htm and it has everything that the second XsitePro version has….the major difference is that the pages are controlled by a .htacess file (that may be greek to you…thus the reason for version #4). The .htaccess file has coding in it to allow the pages to display php includes….thus the rotating content snippets. You typically don’t have to touch this file, any problems….just drop me an email.

Sometimes your hosting provider has a hard time using the .htaccess file so the pages have to end in .php…..this is the 4th version. Version number 4 is the exact same version as number 3 with the exception of the htaccess file and if you don’t mind having .php pages, it’s the simplest version to use….You will not see any difference in the last two versions except the .php ending. I might add that the .php pages usually will not show up in the typical wysiwyg webpage editors.

Diabetes ebook for Niche Health Products PLR membership siteLet’s recap, joining Niche Health Products gets you 20 Private Label Rights articles for each of the 2 subjects of the month…so 40 plr articles. You will receive two adsense sites, containing 10 more plr articles and you will receive two sets of newly created website templates and a set of standard website header graphics…plus you get a ebook cover for the one substantial book you recieve each month.

As you can see, this article includes some samples of all the graphics for this month….this way you’ll get a better idea what’s included….and of course you can edit everything because I’ve included all the psd files and the basic header graphics come in a blank format allowing you to add text with any editior. The ebooks are a little tricker and you need photoshop, however, I’ll gladly edit anything for a minor charge.

This month the subjects are on Diabetes and Repite Care. The Xsitepro templates can be seen in this article, if you click on the image you’ll be taken to the actual webiste to see what it looks like.

If you are a user of good PLR material, you really shouldn’t miss the Monthly PLR membership….Niche Health Products by Kim Standerline….2 years and going strong :)

Special Offer

I have 20 XsitePro Templates ready for you to use and if you go to the bottom of the page and fill in the form, you’ll get some free templates sent to you. Click on Free XsitePro Templates

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