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Subscribers Magnet WordPress PluginIf you’ve been following me for a while you know how much I love Xsitepro and how easy it is to build websites using Xsitepro. You also know I believe you need to mix it up a little and in certain circumstances its a benefit to combine your Xsitepro Sites with a WordPress Blog!

That being said, you’ll find the discussion of wordpress plugins pretty interesting….especially when it comes to getting more members on your list…..always…always….always…think of ways to build your list, and with that you need something to manage your optin forms. Subscribers Magnet by MaxBlogPress is exactly what you need!

The folks at MaxBlogPress have come up with a wordpress plugin called Subscribers Magnet that literally gets your visitors thinking “not whether they will subscribe but how!”

Not sure who MaxBlogPress is….read on.

Seems like everyone and their brother is coming out with some type of wordpress plugin these days. In fact there are so many plugins available it’s tough to know which ones are really important to your marketing efforts.

To make matters worse….many of these plugins are free. Free is a good thing if the free wordpress plugin is provides a benefit to your blog. Most of you are probably using the basic free wordpress plugins so I won’t bore you by naming those.

Have you heard of Chances are you have if you’ve been online for any period of time. They are creators of some of the finest premiere wordpress plugins, such as their new optin plugin called Subscribers Magnet.

First, let me tell you about some of their free wordpress plugins.

MaxBannerAds is a free wordpress plugin that allows you to manage the banners you place on your site. Sure there are other plugins that do this but nothing like the masters at, these guys have put together a banner management system that is second to none. Not only can you place your banners but you can manage and track them.

Another free plugin they off is the MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer. Now, you probably didn’t know that you can be banned from the ping services, but you can and like I said, you wouldn’t even know. This is just one of the functions of this plugin.

A third free wordpress plugin is called the MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad wordpress plugin. Did you ever see a yellow stripe with advertising across the top of browser window, right on top of your blog? Did you know this is prime virtual real estate? This plugin is just awesome and I can’t believe its free. You have so many different ways to configure this ad, colors, message, borders, rotate messages….more and more, check it out! You can use it to wish your wife “Happy Anniversery” …..or promote your latest and greatest product.

maxblogpress free optinform pluginThe folks at MaxBlogPress have many more free wordpress plugins, all helping to monetize the traffic coming to your blog. Let me share one more of these free plugins. Its called the MaxBlogPress Optin Form Adder. You do know how important it is to build a list….regardless of the topic or purpose of your blog. You want to make money….right? Start building a list and this plugin will make it easy for you to get an optin form on your blog. If you haven’t tried you know what a pain in the butt it is to get an optin form on a wordpress blog…..well, not anymore! These guys did an amazing job with this plugin and one that I consider the function that it performs to be one of the most important. When you see all the features this free plugin presents you’ll simply be amazed. Are you just starting and on a budget….well, get an aweber account and use this plugin to start building a list!

MaxBlogPress is offering a new wordpress plugin designed to help you make more money by building your optin lists. Its called the “MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet“. When I discovered all the features that can be manipulated with the Subscribers Magnet I was awestruck! You see, for me, building a list is the function you need to concentrate on if your desire is to make money online. So…..anything that enhances the ability to build a list should be implemented in your marketing efforts.

There are many plugins that offer some method to build a list…some good some not so good. For the first time I’ve seen a comprehensive wordrpess plugin for adding and managing optin forms in any wordpress blog.

Subscribers Magnet does more than just add and manage plugins it allows you to create new strategies…, let me rephrase. It creates new strategies for placement and implementing of your optin forms. This is important because you can now expose your visitor, wordpress commentor, or blog reader to your optin form in ways that are undeniable yet unobtrusive. Get this…..Subscriber Magnet will automatically fill in the name and address of the visitor in the name and email form of the optin form in your blog. Imagine what happens when your blog visitor see’s their name and address in the optin form….if they are even thinking about signing up all they need to do now is hit the submit button!

Imagine being able to effortlessly put your optin form anywhere on your blog, each blog post, selected blog posts, sidebar, footer and even in the comments section of your blog. Your visitor is exposed to your optin form multiple times, your offer is seen multiple times in a way that is user friendly….not obnoxious and completely non intrusive.

By the way, it works with all major autoresponders. Bottom line, I’ve never used a plugin that is so flexible when handling optin forms, the ablity to manipulate optin forms so they are both subtle and effectively prominent is something no other plugin can boast of!

And here is their guarantee:

“Double Your Blog Subscription Rate In 60 Days or Less, or Get All Your Money-Back, 100% Guaranteed!”

They actually claim increases of subscription rates tripling or quadrupling by users of Subscribers Magnet.

There are too many features for me to comment on in this short blog post, however you really need to see the “Silent Subscription” method. Watch the preview video on the salespage and you won’t believe how effective this method might be!

Check out the short Subscribers Magnet video to view all the benefits and features of Subscribers Magnet and then pick up a copy of the plugin. Let me know what you think!

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