Original Content, Reprint Articles or PLR Articles?

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There was a question in the Xsitepro forum regarding original articles or original content and reprint articles. The writer wanted to know which is better. Here’s his question:

Currently I write all the content for my sites myself. I have seen some articles on Ezine that I am interested in and believe would add value to my readers. My question is this, does google give higher rankings to sites that are entirely original in their content? Can it be damaging in anyway to start adding ezine content which may already appear on a number of other sites?

Thoughts and comments much appreciated

Someone said:

That said, Matt Cutts, from Google has mentioned that duplicate content throughout a site would most likely not fare well.

Personally I think Matt Cutts can be a misinformation agent at times. Google would love to see everybody use original content and nothing else….but from a practical point of view, it’s not going to happen.

caf_content_post-exampleMy Answer to his original question:

Thought I’d take a stab at making a comment about your questions.

Your questions are common and have created countless conversations in forums, ebooks, reports and any other guru type mediums around! Needless to say all sides of the issues have followers.

In my opinion you can consider the article question for a couple of perspectives.

The first perspective involves the experience of your website visitor. Will a reprint article from Ezinearticles add to your visitors experience? Often times, a quality article that has been published elsewhere has outstanding value and if it keeps your visitor on your site….well, you accomplished part of your goal. Chances are they will consider your website a good source for research or information. Chances are they will come back. Remember, most website surfers have no idea that article directories exist and don’t understand the concept of reprint articles….all the better for you.

Score 1 for the reprint articles :)

You mentioned that you write a lot of your own content. Most internet marketers, seo experts, webmasters, guru’s and on and on….would agree that an original article is worth more than any reprint article. That is if the article is factual, interesting and oozes with passion for the subject at hand. Seriously…..a well written orginal article is worth it’s weight in gold from every aspect of online marketing.

Unfortunately for those of use with more than a couple of websites would find it next to impossible to create original content for all our sites, so using plr or articles from article directories is an answer to our content problems. Personally I’ve gotten good results with PLR articles with little to no modification.

One thing you can do with PLR articles is do some brief edits. You always should rewrite the title, insert your own keywords and rewrite the first line of every paragraph and the last line of the article. I’m sure not everybody would agree with me, but it works on my sites and blogs.

One thing you can do with Reprint articles or PLR articles is to write a brief introduction paragraph, include your keywords and then write a quick and brief conclusion…..again, using your keywords. The brief introduction and conclusion text helps to add to the uniqueness of your webpage and article. In other words, your webpage will be significantly different than someone who just uses the reprint of plr article for webpage content.

I know I’ve wondered from your question, but I’d like to metion one more thing for your consideration. Imagine you create a website that has 10 pages of original content and let it sit for one year without doing anything to it. Now imagine you create another website with 10 pages and then add 4 articles a month…..which would rank better…which would attrack the search engine spiders? Activity counts, don’t just let your site sit idle for a year, you’d be better off dripping in a few reprint or plr articles over the course of a year than doing nothing at all.

Bottom line….the more original your website and website content….the better!

How’s that for some food for though :)


The person responded with:

Thanks for the discussion people. It’s really useful to hear your thoughts (and good to hear some positive feedback on my website – thanks IM Marks!).

I had come to a similar conclusion that it was better to to add unoriginal content than to leave your websites dormant for extended periods of time. I liked your ideas about changing the first line of each paragraph or writing an introductory paragraph. That would work pretty well for me but is it breaking copywrite if you edit or modify the article in any way? I have used ezine in the past and I believe it forbids it?? Is that correct?

And I said:

Yes, that would be breaking the rules as they apply to reprint articles….the type of articles you find on EzineArticles.com. With reprint articles you can make the page more unique

    by adding an introductory paragraph before the reprint article
    and a conclusion paragraph after the article.

When I talked about editing titles and paragraphs, I was referring to PLR or Private Label Rights articles. These are articles that you can purchase with the express purpose of editing to your heart’s content. You might be able to find some plr articles in your niche by doing a google search for your niche and PLR or private label rights. Or check out the Warrior Forum, you can also find people to write articles for you starting at around $5 an article.

Hope I made that clear enough….let me known if you’re still confused.


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