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Xsitepro users can easily tap into the offline marketing niche. Showing brick and mortar businesses how to use a website to create a following is very easy if they have Xsitepro. Xsitepro makes the entire offline marketing process really easy because xsitepro is so easy to use. Below you’ll read about a couple of different offline marketing or offline consulting business models….. you really should give this some serious thought if you’d like to make some quick money.

I ran across a post regarding offline marketing the original poster offered a great business model for doing offline marketing and obviously he had some experience in it. He wasn’t proposing that this was the ultimate “offline gold”, simply one type of method to use in offline marketing.

Many of the readers weren’t really getting it. Their lack of understanding might indicate their inexperience since they wanted to know the OP’s sites, how much he was making, how come his sites weren’t listed….in other words they didn’t believe this was a viable business model.

Read his orginal quote below and then my response below it. Offline marketing works…you just need to do it!

I’ve been combining my offline and online marketing skills for quite sometime now. Im going to show you a method that can make a you limitless money if you rinse and repeat it.

It involves local search. The best way of describing this method is by showing you a real life example. This example uses local dentists but you can do it for literally any type of business. The reason I used dentists is because here in London they make an absolute fortune which means they have the funds available to invest in advertising their services.

What I did was buy up a load of domains. I bought about 50 of them but im just going to show you 2

So what I did for the first one was chucked up a wordpress blog on the domain, upload a nice theme and write a quick 200 word article with the domain keyword which is “Dentist in Leyton” In leyton there are about 20 dentists but ill go more into that in a minute. I then stick a few “Advertise Here Banners” in the right side of the margin.

What I then did was buy one of these 200 blog comment packages and get the provider to get me 200 links to my TLD with the anchor “Dentist in Leyton”

Now the thing you need to remember is you Obviously want to go for a term that you will rank for and appear on the first page immediately so don’t go for anything crazy like “Dentist London” go for something with a bit less competition, like I’ve done above.

Once the site is ranking. I then went to and made a list of all the dentists in leyton and rang them one by one. I told them I had a site that was on the first page of google for the keyword “Dentist in Leyton” and was currently getting around 10-15 visitors a day. We’re talking ultra targeted traffic.

Now 10-15 visitors a day could quite easily be an extra $1000 a day of income for a dentist depending on the work that needs to be done to the persons teeth. So I explain this to the dentist and they like the idea and ask me how much. I tell them it will cost $400 a month but potentially that could bring them in about 20K worth of business in that time. They love the idea and sign up. I get my partner to set up an invoice and get them on a monthly billing plan. I then put their contact details on my site and move onto the next dentist.

When I have 3 dentists signed up I close off the signups to that particular site and move onto another location. I don’t want to sarurate the site with too many ads because otherwise the dentists start complaining that they are not receiving enough calls so the optimum number i have found to work is about 3 dentists max per location, which is about $1200 per site per month! This whole process takes about a week to set up and doesn’t really require you to be that persuasive. Once the dentists see the potential in what you are providing they are eager to get signed up. Once I saw the potential for this I then set up another 20 sites in another niche.

As you can see with about 10 sites you should be able to turn this into a $10k a month business and the money is RECURRING every month. All you need to do is make sure the sites are ranking for the keyword every month and bringing in enough traffic to warrant the dentist to stay hooked. What you might also want to do is get people to mention your site when they speak to the dentist to show the dentist you are actually bringing them in decent leads.

Anyway just giving you guys an insight into the power of local search and how you can make money from it.

The OP talks about using one aspect of internet marketing to market to one aspect of the offline or brick and mortar world. In my eys, an excellent post with great ideas. A business model anyone could follow and a niche most anyone could target. Yet I see questions on the reality of the idea….does it work…will it work for me….my dentist’s are poor….my dentist’s have too much money….my dentists won’t talk to me, my dentists won’t pay that much…..and on and on.

Offline marketing works only if you make an effort to apply it. If dentists don’t work for you, try chiropractors or…..just keep trying till something clicks. I said it works but it isn’t necessarily easy. If you’re looking to have your paypal account magically filled over night… ain’t gonna happen :(

The biggest joke was the so called “mentor” who said it the idea stunk….yep, and Al Gore invented the internet!

Here’s what you have to remember. Chances are, if you’re here, you know buckets more than any brick and mortar store, service or professional about marketing online. These guys are clueless…period! You have one of the most sought after assests in the whole world…that is, KNOWLEDGE!!!

For one minute forget about your pockets and concentrate on the pockets of your customer or client. If you approach this market from the genuine standpoint of providing value, help and profit for your customers…’ll win. You see, this philosophy is counter intuitive to most. In fact, most people on this forum are interested in one thing….that is, making money for themselves.

Get this concept right and the mechanics of developing websites, directories or whatever for offline clients will work. You provide the best solution for their business to start making money or start making more money. Its all in the mindset and people can sense that….even through email or just phone calls.

There are so many different angles you can approach the offline world with that it really is mind bending. The OP’s concept will work if you only try it. I’ll give you a simpler model to follow.

Pick a business in your town….could almost be any business, and find their webpage. Lets look at restaurants. So we go to Google, and search for “restaurants in XXXXXX” go through the first 10 results. How do their websites look? Could you improve them? What could you do to help them make more money?

Here’s where you’ll look like a star. How many of the restaurant websites have an autoresponder form on the first page…at the top, or above the fold? Find the one’s that don’t. Now make contact with the owner and ask what their slowest day is…they say Tuesday. Ask them if they’d like to make it one of their busiest. Ask them, “What if you had a way to contact all your best customers and tell them you had a special gift for them on Tuesday….a free meal…2 for 1, free sandwich….you get the idea. Explain further ways could build a list of customers from their website and how they could market to that list to make more money.

If they aren’t interested….just walk away. You might want to tell them you are going to their competitor next :)

Next you need to figure out what you want to charge for simply putting up an autoresponder form. Maybe $100 or how about $400 one time charge….sign them up for an Aweber account with your affiliate link…..or put them on your own account. Up to you how you want to configure your offline marketing business model.

I guarantee you get more business from them regarding their website because you are now the local internet marketing expert. Of course, you could set this up any way you want and live on the east coast and market to businesses on the West coast.

I could go on with this but let me tell you about another offline project that works.

Set up a Local Business Directory. Do some SEO and get your site on page 1 for “YourCity Businesses”

You can put up free listings of local businesses. Send an email and tell them of the business when you get their listing on page 1….tell them its free, tell them it will stay there for 10, 50 or 100 bucks a month. Whether you charge for the listing or give it to them free, offer a complete web package…with autoresponder.

I can tell you from first hand experience that the “Mentor” doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground and I certainly hope he didn’t charge you for his advice because this works. WordPress brings excellent results, and Xsitepro sites are just as good if not better when developing directories….but you really need to know how to use Xsitepro and all it features.

The bottom line is, any method or platform you use when contacting an offline customer can be used to build and expance your business model. Whether you start pounding on doors selling autoresponders or start by developing some sort of local directory…use them as a funnel to bring your prospect and customer into more development, adding monthly or yearly charges. Provide outstanding value and you will have customers and friends for life!!

Hope this helps


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