Monavie Distributors 4-Step Attraction Marketing Plan

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Monavie is one of the biggest players in the health juice drink market and one of the fastest growing MLM companies ever making their first billion in just a few short years.This means more opportunity for Monavie distributors to make money with this company. Ifyou’re building your Monavie business offline and have no desire to utilize the internet for dual benefits, then I wish you great fortune and prosperity.For the distributors, who want to make use of the internet in a big way, let me show you the basics of attraction marketing on the internet so when your time comes to market you can start off running by reading my 4 step attraction marketing plan.Step 1First, you need a capture page. I’m sorry but your replicated website absolutely won’t do. It just has no magic, looks like a brochure and google hates duplicated stuff anyway.You’ll need a website builder like Site build it or Xsitepro 2. These 2 website builders are insanely easy to use. You can have a flash and professional looking website today if you used one of these.Step 2What to put on your brand new website. Let’s see, this article is about attraction marketing so let’s begin by branding you first.Your prospects should be aware of your company but you are the focus, so introduce yourself first. Monavie distributors have to brand them selves on the internet, or haven’t you heard?Step 3 Autoresponder magic-autoresponders are a must have tool. These handy tools are an automated service that let you manage your list of contacts, allowing you to set follow ups, send broadcasts out to your entire list all at once and track the amount of clicks you get every time you send a message.2 of the industry best are Aweber and Getresponse. They have the best deliverability rate and almost never crash.You’ll need to put a form on your lead capture page. Don’t worry this is super easy too you can make one with your website builder or you can simply log in to the back office of your Aweber or Getresponse account.They have excellent step-by-step tutorials on how to put in a form on your website that make it easier than putting on your t-shirt.Step 4 Start advertising like crazy, learn all the newest internet marketing strategies and begin getting links to your website everywhere.If you have deep pockets, start with paid advertising. Pay per click is the fastest way I know of to get lava hot and excited leads calling you about your business.But if your pockets aren’t that fat then start with free advertising like articles, press releases, video marketing and free classifieds.That’s it, the 4 step attraction marketing plan for Monavie Distributors. There’s more to it than that but painting a clear picture for you will help you in at least knowing the basics.Keep learning and keep growing and maybe you’ll just reach the top.

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