Modify XSitePro Templates Using Photoshop

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How to Modify Xsitepro Templates Using Photoshop

Xsiteprohas been around for at least 3 years or so. Xsitepro Version 1 has evolved into Xsitepro Version 2. With the advent of Version 2, Xsitepro has crossed the hurdle from being an ordinary run of the mill website building application to a stellar application with many advanced features…..yet still is newbie friendly.

Xsitepro simplified the process of building a website and getting it on the internet…..just about anyone, including your Granny could build a website now! You’ll find Xsitepro Version 2 stands up to programs like Dreamweaver, Frontpage and NVU, however, these other programs don’t compare to the ease of use you find in Xsitepro. Just do a google search on Xsitepro and you’ll find 1000′s of users that have websites and owe their internet websites to Xsitepro.

As with any successful software application that has become successful, there are a ton of videos around that help you use the program….also you’ll find some great ebooks and courses that really get into the details and advanced uses of the program. Every week I search around for a good Youtube video that will further explain how to use at least one aspect of Xsitepro, most are really helpful.Check out this video, it will help you build better sites.

Dig deeper into the workings of Xsitepro with this guide….Add A Blog Create a WordPress Blog that looks exactly like your Xsitepro Website

Xsitepro Template Tutorials will have you building your own templates in an hour or less! Templates can be modified using Photoshop. James Dyson & James Schramko demonstarate how they use XSitePro and Photoshop to make beautiful XSitePro (XSiteProfit) Templates for use by XSitePro Marketers

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    thanks for that, got any more tips?

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