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If you’ve seen the buzz about XSitePro and wondered what all the fuss is about, this article will help shed some light on one of the most powerful tools an internet marketer can posses.  Simply put, XSitePro is a simple to use software package that allows you to design, publish and manage websites even if you have had absolutely no experience in this competitive field before.

Where XSitePro differs from the numerous other website authoring tools available to internet marketers, is that, XSite Pro has been designed by an internet marketer for internet marketers.  This fact alone makes XSitePro different to its competitors. 

Depending on the method of monetization that you choose for your web site, XSitePro will have the situation covered.  Traditionally, the most popular methods of monetizing websites have been either through PPC ads (such as Google Adsense), affiliate selling (through programs like clickbank) or selling your own product or service (either online or offline).

Whichever method of monetization you prefer, XSite Pro has got some extremely impressive and user friendly tools available to you.  These tools range from professionally designed and market specific XSitePro Templates, to a multitude of wizards that have been designed by a seasoned internet marketer.

Designing a functional website with these methods of monetization is fairly straightforward using the built in WYSIWYG editor that comes with XSite Pro, but this is where the fun starts.  XSitePro has an incredible feature that continually performs an XSitePro SEO verification and recommendation of every single page on your website.  As you are designing your webpage, you can constantly get valuable feedback as to whether your web page is SEO optimized.

The XSitePro SEO tool that comes with XSitePro is very detailed in its analysis and recommendations for your website.  If this tool is used and the suggestions followed, achieving a high ranking on search engines is not out of the question. These high rankings generally convert to real traffic to your website, which is the lifeblood of any web site.  All this can be achieved without having to outlay additional funds for costly SEO tools that are being touted in the market today, or expensive advertising and promotional campaigns.

For the sceptics out there (I have to admit I was one myself), it is hard to believe that all this can be included in a simple software package such as XSitePro.  After all, there are literally hundreds of thousands of “must have” SEO tools being promoted at any point in time.  The best way to see what XSitePro can do is to take the program for a “test drive”.  Recently the designers of XSitePro 2 have made a limited time 30 day free no obligation trial available to people.  Try it out, build a website and see the results for yourself, all without any obligation.   The manuals and tutorials that come with XSitePro are detailed, yet easy to follow.

XSitePro 2 is currently the latest version of the software and is constantly being updated by the designers, based on feedback from the users of the product.

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Xsitepro Version 2 is the best website building tool that you’ll find online today!

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