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You are probably looking for an easy way to make your own websites right?  Well you have come to the right place this articles focus is to teach you exactly what you will need to know to make your own websites fast, easy and without breaking the bank.

First of all I want you to understand I have been setting up websites for over six years now.  I have used programs like microsoft front page, dream weaver, Joomla, drupal, Xsitepro and many more to create professional websites.

For those people that want to make your own websites and have very little or no experience I would recommend none of those programs.  The learning curve to make your own websites with these programs is much too long and painful. When I started working with Joomla for example it took me three days and a ton of hours reading online just to figure out how to install it on my computer and set up the file transfer protocol  properly.

For those of you reading this who want a simple cost effective solution to make your own websites, I suggest an online web builder.  The question is which one is right for you when there are so many options available online these days.  The first thing you need to think about when you are about to start to make your own websites is what will you be using the website for?

If you are going to just make a blog I would definitely suggest going with wordpress.  WordPress is simple to use and there are thousands of free wordpress themes available online today.  On the other hand if you are looking to build a full eCommerce store than wordpress just won’t work for you.  In this instance if you are going to make your own websites and need to be able to accept major credit cards I suggest sticking with an easy web builder.

Some things to look for when you are about to make your own websites is to find a builder with a built in shopping cart ready to accept credit cards and paypal.  The next thing that you must have is good customer support.  There are a lot of cheap web builders out there that have terrible or no customer service at all. Your website will be running seven days a week so should the web builders customer service.

The last thing I suggest when you are looking to make your own websites is to make sure you choose one that will give you a free trial period.  It’s important to feel comfortable with the web builder you will be using before you start paying for anything.

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