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Have you ever tried to create your own website but ended up banging your head against the wall in frustration after just a few hours?
Well, it’s highly unlikely that the fault is yours – the problem usually rests with the software you are using.
The menus can be numerous and complicated, and the features that you want to include seem incredibly complicated to implement. What’s worse is that the Help Sections and user manual are written in a way that assumes a Computer Science degree is held by the user.
If this has been your experience when you set out to create your own website – banish it to history.
It’s not that you can’t master this technology, and its not that you are missing something.
The reason is that when the group of computer programmers were making that program, they made the mistake of making it for people like themselves.
Fortunately website design has been made much more user-friendly with a new generation in software, created with the man in the street in mind. While ease of use is a key selling point however, don’t make the mistake of believing you are buying second-rate products.
Quality website building products will include valuable tools that can be utilized as your experience warrants it.
When you pick a web design program, look for one that was designed from the ground up with an intuitive interface.
A lot of programs have been gradually evolving for years and are mired in the past and in tradition. But, you can avoid that problem by choosing a web design program that was specifically designed to be used by the average person.
Don’t worry about all those individual lines of code, high quality web design programs are designed with a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) philosophy. What you see on your monitor as you go through the website building process is exactly what will appear on your website.
Good web design programs are as easy to use as a word processor. When you open a new document, you start typing and when you’re done, you know exactly how that document will look when you print it up.
This is the same way a WYSIWYG user interface creates web pages. Should you choose to, it is possible to examine the html code, but its certainly not necessary.
And, the top program comes with a guided tutorial. As soon as you install the program, you can get to work going through the included tutorial. A good tutorial for a comprehensive website building program should take around 2 hours to introduce you to the key features.
So what’s stopping you? Why not create your own website today?

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