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New Xsitepro website builders get discouraged quickly. Sure they learn how to build their websites but nobody comes! When it comes to website traffic an xsitepro site is no different than any other website or blog….you need traffic. Check out the below post and start employing this technique for generating traffic. Don’t be afraid to purchase some of the tools I mention, they will all help you accomplish your goals.

Traffic, everybody wants website traffic!

Nobody but a sadist wants to be in traffic.

You can spend days, weeks or months researching the various ways to get website traffic and with all things related to internet marketing you never know who’s got the right stuff. I mean, you never know who is legitimate or who hired a ghostwriter to put up a few articles or ebook.

So at the risk of repeating myself, make sure you’re being mentored or following real internet marketers. That is, people who have had success online and are actually making money. I belong to an internet marketing forum called Earn1KaDay that has a small monthly fee but you can be confident that the advice is solid. In fact, the very purpose of Earn1KaDay is to get each member making $1,000 a day. It might sound like a lot, but it’s accomplished in baby steps. Dennis Becker, the founder, started off with the concept of making 5BucksADay, a very doable task if you know the right stuff.


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Sorry….I got a little distracted.

I wanted to mention a technique I tried today. I don’t have any results but I think it will be promising. I’ve been watching a site called , it’s site you can upload documents of just about any kind and they are offered free for the public to view and use.

You can really let your imagination go wild with the type of documents you would upload. I’m thinking mainly pdf’s and word .doc’s. If you do much affiliate marketing, many of the good affiliate programs will offer you branded pdf’s and these would make excellent material for the Scribd site.

The strategy is simple. Take or create a pdf explaining a product, concept or method, make sure you have it loaded with affiliate links and upload it to the Scribd site. Make sure you do some social bookmarking and see what happens. As with all things, if you upload some garbage or spammy documents, nobody is going to want to download your scribd document.

Next thing to do is go to your personal page, mine is and look for the rss icon. Grab the icon feed and start submitting it to the rss feed sites. You’ll be surprised at the traffic that will come in over time. You can automate the RSS Submissions, I found this service to be excellent and gives you some great backlinks.

Back at the Scribd site you can grab a variety of links for any of the documents you upload, for instant if you want to post one on your blog, just grab the embed link. Below you’ll see an example of a pdf I uploaded called Unique Content Traffic.

Give it a try!
Unique Content Traffic x

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