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People with an online presence realize the importance of having a professional looking website and often pay programmers to build sites for them but this can be very expensive for someone just starting out. A less expensive alternative is to purchase a website creation software package such as XSitePro which is said to be designed for internet marketers and simple to use without having programming experience. If you decide to go with this type of option then you will want to make sure that the software offers plenty of training, has the ability to create and maintain your site without knowing html, and offers advanced features that you normally only get from a programmer. It is the goal of this article to review the XSitePro website development software and determine if it lives up to its claims of being simple to use for a non-programmer.

The first thing to look at with any software is the amount of training offered to get you started right away and XSitePro does indeed offer quite a bit in this area. The software offers a 400 page manual that is written as a reference so it is not necessary to read cover to cover or if you prefer training videos then XSitePro offers 11 training videos that are over 80 minutes in length that you can access from the main website after purchasing the product. The software also includes a tutorial that will walk you through building your first website step by step. While the training aspect of XSitePro appears to be very informative we still need to decide if the software makes it easy to build a site.

XSitePro does appear to be relatively easy to get started where you choose a template and theme with a few clicks of your mouse then start building pages. The company claims that you can build a simple one page sales letter, a complex affiliate site, or a 1,000 page AdSense site but reviews indicate that if you plan on having thousands of pages then you may wish to look for a different program. Building a page was easy as you are offered a What You See Is What You Get interface where you simply type in your content without using any html. This interface allows you to format your text any way you like but I found that the formatting for the header panel is a little buggy. You can also use the spell checker but that can also be a little bit buggy as well but it does work. Page creation appears to be easy so what about keeping your site updated?

XSitePro uses custom sidebars, headers, and footers so you can change anything in these sections and automatically change all pages on your site. It is also said that you can add multiple pages based on a specific keyword and you there is a find and replace feature that will change every page on your site. Once changes are made, you can publish back to your server with the click of a button. Obviously making and changing your site is fairly simple but does this software offer more advanced features to make it stand out from the crowd?

XSitePro does offer some advanced options such as a site map, two styles of breadcrumb trails, a Google sitemap, and a popup generator. You can also add custom scripts to add to the header of each page and for affiliate marketers, there is a redirect section to hide your links. You can also import pages created in other applications, create a privacy policy statement, and if you still need more you can export your entire web site to Dreamweaver or FrontPage for further modifications.

In conclusion I found that XSitePro lives up to the claims it makes on its webpage although I did find a few features that were a little buggy or difficult to use. If you decide to purchase this program you are offered access to an online forum where you can get more help for problems you may have with the software. While there are many software packages available for creating websites, XSitePro does appear to be aimed at internet marketers and may be a positive addiction to your tools.

If you would like to see an example of a website built using XSitePro then you can click here. To get more information about the software you can go to to see if it may benefit you.
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