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Html (hyper text markup language) has long been a barrier for first time web site builders. Non-technical people had very few options for making a website.
Modern software marketers claim that anyone with a computer and internet connection, can easily build websites without the need to learn HTML.
In this article we discuss if this is really true or not.
With some new web software programs, the emphasis has moved away from “coding” to more of a step-by-step user friendly approach. Web pages can be “auto generated” by typing words on a page. Many programs use WYSIWYG technology. This stands for “what you see is what you get”.
Most modern editors format the entire HTML in the background. The webmaster manipulates fonts and formats in the same way as he would in, say, Microsoft Word.
So Is The HTML correct?
Some purists would argue that WYSIWYG programs make messy or bloated HTML code and the web pages may not be fully compliant to international standards. Some web pages may display slightly differently in different browers.
In the end, having a website live on the web is better than not having it up there. The making of a website even if HTML is unknown. Even though the HTML code may not be “perfect” the resultant web pages are still normal looking to the user.
When looking for designs, you can easily import your own graphics and designs into most modern website building programs. There are many templates (or skins) you can buy or download for free.
The booming market of first time marketers has created a whole industry of easy to use website programs and the vendors have shown a great understanding of the needs of novice website builders by producing comprehensive manuals and tutorials that lay out each step.
The tutorials are so user-friendly, with a common sense approach, that even beginners should be able to complete a simple website in just an hour. With a domain name registered and a hosting company enlisted, their first website can be ‘live’ in minutes.
In addition to the tutorial, beginners will find a wealth of information on related forums of web softare providors. There is a knowledgeable support centre, videos, blogs and forums. There is always someone to answer a novice’s questions, either the creator or a team member or a fellow user via the forums.
Not all easy web software programs are only for the new. Upon further inspection there are powerful website design package that are also ideal for intermediate and experienced internet marketers.
Many come feature packed with tools for site map creation, search engine optimization and some have an Affiliate Wizard for affiliate marketers.
Investing in other solutions will not be required. Modern web builders stretch even for the advanced marketer.
Yes, a first time website builder can create a website without knowing HTML.

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