Internet Marketing – the Basics (part 2)

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More Marketing Techniques for your web site


Each day, thousands of webmasters visit the various online Article Directories in search of free material for their newsletters, ezines and web pages. Writing your own article and submitting it to these directories is a highly effective way to get a large amount of traffic to your site.
At the end of your article, you insert a short resource box which should contain little more than your name and the address of your web site.
As webmasters and publishers see your article and use it in their publications then several benefits are offered.
Firstly, as you have a link to your web site at the end of the article it means that you will have unique one way links (i.e. incoming links) to your site from other information based sites. This is very important when it comes to search engine ranking and will boost your sites ranking quite quickly.
Secondly it instills confidence in you the author as the article is informative, not making any sales pitch and therefore you will be perceived as the provider of information and not the sales person to be wary of.,, you may also start to be seen as an expert in your field. This confidence will not only result in more visits to your site but also your sales should increase as your visitors will have more trust in you and even feel as they know you.


A Blog or ‘WebLog’ is a small dynamic web site where the owner can easily publish text and images and have the option of others adding to the page in the form of comments. Often they are used as a sort of online public diary and are also used as a supplement to an existing web site to add regular news and updates. When it comes to promoting a blog there are whole directories and listings solely dedicated to blogs and as at the moment there are fewer blogs than web sites it can sometimes be easier to promote a blog than a web site. Many webmasters create a related blog to their web site and promote the blog which is heavily linked to their main web site.

Forums / Newsgroups

Though there are forums that allow and even encourage you to advertise your products and services, the vast majority of these do not allow advertising and frown upon those who advertise or ‘spam’. To be able to use this medium as a an effective promotion for your site requires a fair amount of time. You will have to monitor several forums related to your site or product /service and make regular and unbiased posts. Get yourself known as an expert (or at least as someone knowledgeable) in your particular field. As with submitting articles your intention will be to become well known and instill trust in prospective clients or customers. When posting in forums you are often allowed a signature at the end of each post… it is possible to put your web site URL here, but care must be taken not to create a posting to a forum with little value just to get your signature seen… to the regular forum users it will be obvious that you are ‘touting’ for business and you will probably get flamed for it. If someone is asking a question and you think that your product or service could be just what they need then you must not publish your web site in the post but simply state that you have what they need and if they care to PM (Private Message) or e-mail you then you will gladly send them the details… this way you are setting it up so that they have to ask you for your web site.
Using Forums is a bit of a tedious way of getting traffic but the traffic you do get will have a very high conversion rate.

Classified Ads

These were very popular a few years ago and are less frequent these days. However, there are still sites and services that offer to ‘blast your ads to millions’ by use of classified ads. These sites are normally only visited by other webmasters and others who are also trying to get their classified ads submitted. In my experience, all you can expect to get from a classified ads site is a load of spam in your in box.

Offline Publicity

This may or may not be suitable for your business depending on what you are offering but in general if you have a physical product then you should make sure that everything that leaves you has your web site address and prominently printed in it. Everything from letterheads to product wrapping, including envelopes, pens, business cards, bills, faxes, vehicles. This is a form of completely free advertising which is actually very effective and will bring visitors to your site especially if you have a simple and memorable URL.

Some Useful Marketing Tools

Here is a list of some of my all time favourite marketing tools. These are all tools / publications that I have bought online, use frequently and have never regretted paying for.


This is just the best web design software available. It is Dreamweaver, frontpage and SEO optimiser all rolled into one. It gives you the ability to create highly professional looking well optimised web sites very quickly. Including google site maps, navigation systems, link directories, scripts, and much more. Its really good for those with no knowledge of web design and extremely comfortable for the more knowledgeable webmaster too. I have been creating web sites for over 10 years now and this is the first web design software I have felt really comfortable with. It is the software which I most use at the moment and I cannot recommend it too highly. It is not cheap but not once have I regretted making the investment to add this tool to my arsenal.

Adwords 123

In just a few days I was injected with enthusiasm by the techniques used in this book and applying the methods laid out step by step I made my money back on this book in just 2 days. What’s more, it opened my mind to a new form of making income on the Internet which I adopted into the running of my daily business.

SEO Elite

SEO elite is search engine optimisation software designed by SEO expert Brad Callen. To sell the software he uses a free 7 – 21 day e-mail course… thanks to the information in this course I learned enough about the subject to finally get enough traffic to my web sites to be able to forget spending money on ppc advertising. I purchased the software almost too late, as I was getting great amounts of traffic from the search engines (thanks to Brad’s free information) which suddenly stopped, I had no idea why and in fact had no idea where the traffic was really coming from or from which keywords I was being successful… I purchased the program and now keep a record of all or the keywords for all of my sites and can view the results and trends of all of my search terms and be aware of which keywords are working for me for which Search Engines and which ones are not. The free course and the software can be found here

The Science of Getting Rich

Last but by no means least I have the pleasure to recommend to you this wonderful book that explains with scientific detail the exact steps that one can take to become rich… the surprising thing is… IT WORKS… and even more surprising is.. IT’S FREE

Nothing to lose!!!
Check it out here

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