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Xsitepro is a wonder program and if you are a newbie, you can get a website up quick. If you are an old pro, Xsitepro has many features that make it very attractive to use for making quick affiliate sites with easy maintainence.

Unfortunately because Xsitepro makes so many things simple, in the process, it prohibits the website designer from being able to do some more advanced things.

For instance, all the images are found in one folder. It is next to impossible to seperate your images if you don’t have a separate ftp program.

I picked up the following snippet of info from the Xsitepro forum:

At this time you can’t sub-divide the folders – only rename the folder – as standard. However, if the images shouldn’t really pose a problem all being in the same directory…

If you absolutlely have to do this, you could manually split your images (using an FTP client, and creating the sub-directories in your hosted web space) then change the properties of the moved images (by right-clicking on the image and selecting Image Properties) so that the file path points to the respective directory.

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