How to get started with your internet marketing business?

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To get started with your own internet marketing business you will need a few things that I will be telling you about. I will also be telling you why you need them. So let’s get started.

1) Domain Name and Web Hosting – By domain name I mean the address of your website on the internet. And by hosting I mean the web space you will need to upload your website to. For domain name I will recommend and for hosting you can go with either or

2) Website Designing – Now there are many ways that you can go about this. You can hire someone to design it for you. You can go to for that and search for a free lance programmer to design for you or you can also get it made professionally. Another option that you have is designing it yourself. Now until and unless you don’t have programming knowledge you will have to go get yourself a software. If the website you are planning on will be simple then I would recommend you XsitePro. I really like this software. On the other hand if you want a complex and detailed website, you can go for Adobe Dreamweaver. Both softwares are worth the investment.

3) Payment Gateway – This is to make sure that you secure your customer’s payments. My recommendation over here would The payment gateway will be connected to the merchant services provider.

4) Merchant Services Provider – This is the place where the payments are processed so that you receive payments for your product or service. The fee that they usually charge per transaction is very small and along with this they also charge a monthly fee. You can consider

5) Shopping Cart and Auto-responder service- A shopping cart allows you to have a web form where buyers can login their details to purchase. It links the pages on your web site if suppose you have a squeeze or sales page. The auto-responder is nothing but an email service to send emails to your customers so that you can send them mails regarding your further products. Aweber is the most popular auto-responder service.

The information given to you is just the outline of internet business. You will have to market your product or service.

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