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Xsitepro comes with many templates and it’s very easy to edit the header graphic if you know how. Sometimes what’s obvious to a seasoned user is just one big question to the new xsitepro user. A new user asked the following question about editing the header section of an xsitepro template.

I want to use a template in the first site I’m setting up but, although there is plenty of reference to them in the tutorial, manual and tools’ manual, you aren’t told exactly how to use them.

I presume that once you’ve selected a template and clicked OK, what you have entered in your header (site name, etc.) will replace the wording on the template. Is this right, or do I have to do something other than this?

Sorry if this seems a stupid question, but I’m not only a newbie to using XSitePro, but also a newbie in the wider technological sense.


It’s not a dumb question….everything is strange or new when you first get started. Sometimes you just have to click away and give things a try to see how they work.

For instance, if you want to start a site…you start off by picking a blank page or picking a template…correct? Let’s say you select when of the xsitepro provided “graphical” templates. Next you click Ok and your are asked to name the site, but in keywords etc.

You should be looking at 4 tabs across the top of the page.

Website INformation
Page Layout
Web Pages
Publishing Details

Click on Page Layout and the first Section on the left is the Header Panel…go down to the Designer Button and click on it.

Now a new window pops up called Header HTML and it has 3 buttons


You can work in either the Design tab or the Source Tab

Try the Design Tab, you should see the header image…..possibly repeated down the page, just go to the first area where you see the text. Place your cursor on it and you should be able to edit it…you can delete it, add something new or just change the lettering.

You can do the same in the Source Tab if you know a little something about html coding.

When you are finished with your edits you can view in the Preview Tab. If more changes or positioning is needed go back to the desgin or source tab.

Thats’s it!

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