How to Earn $1000s in Niche Marketing With Affiliate Product Sites!

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Affiliate marketing isn’t difficult when you think about it. People are searching for more information about a product, and all you need to do is to give them exactly what they want.Niche affiliate review websites are powerful because they target surfers in buying mode.Too many affiliates think that there role is to give information to their readers. I’m not saying that you should be a thin affiliate here, don’t mistake. What I am trying to make you understand is that you need to target buyers if you want to earn thousands of dollars in affiliate revenue.As an example, one of my Affiliate profit mentor club students had a website with thousands of pages of information in the self help niche (a very profitable niche by the way). However, he never managed to earn more than three hundred dollars per month?Why?Because he wasn’t targeting buyers.The right way to build a niche affiliate site is to add a mini review of your product on every single page of your website. You can add it at the top or at the bottom of your webpages. All you need is a small picture of your sales page (or a picture of the actual product if you prefer), and five or six lines of text beside the image. It’s relatively easy to do this with a software like xsitepro.Below the image, make sure that you use a caption because people read them. You will also need to add five stars below the image, and add your affiliate link with the anchor text saying: “visit the website”. or “click here for more info”.If you don’t currently have one of two product reviews on your website, no wonder why you are not making sales. Start writing your first product review today and make those commissions. Get Altitude is Eben Pagan’s powerful online business course. Learn more at: Eben Pagan Today.
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