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In the past, building a website without HTML knowledge was considered impossible. Indeed some website building software packages continue to prolong the myth by making the process harder than it needs to be.
On the other side of the equation are the programmers at XSitePro who understand what so many Internet entrepreneurs have attempted to convey to the software industry for so long: they are adept at building and running a business, but they do so without the knowledge of HTML code and without the time to learn programming.
Even as other website building packages claim to be user friendly and promise to include copious bonus features and RSS feeds for stickiness and website visitor service, the fact that the integration of the features is overly complicated has left many an entrepreneur little choice.
Many of us will have seen their websites. They are the ones that are poorly built, haphazardly formatted, and try to make up in SEO keyword-rich content what they lack in design.
XSitePro is on the other side of the spectrum. There is no need to learn HTML, code, or how to run scripts. The software is written to accommodate the entrepreneur with a vision, not a computer science degree. Creating website pages is quick and simple with the huge array of included, free, wizards and bonus features.
RSS feeds are fully customizable or ready to go right out of the box. Internet marketers who are targeting a highly specialized niche really appreciate this feature in particular since it allows for either a customization that directly targets their niche market, or it may allow them to broaden the reach of their website to welcome other visitors who they believe might eventually turn into paying customers.
Spend as little time customizing your Xsitepro website or as much as you want to make the bonus RSS feeds a highly individualized experience for your website visitors. This is chiefly apropos for those online entrepreneurs who have already developed a clientele or who are offering newsletters and content that have developed a following.
And best of all, the whole site building process requires no HTML knowledge at all! Since the effects of any changes may be seen virtually immediately, the entrepreneur with a finger firmly on the pulse of the clientele does not have to guess how their site is coming across – they know now! It does not get any easier!Adding RSS feeds to your website without the need to know HTML is now possible. The new version of XSitePro makes it just a few mouse clicks away.
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