How Search Engine Optimization Affects Article Marketing

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Search engine optimization and article marketing have to go hand in hand if you are going to have a successful article marketing campaign. Your attention to detail and finding just the right keywords are essential, but so is learning how to use them properly.

Search engine optimization, or SEO writing is using keywords or keyword phrases to help you gain better results and better placement for your web pages in the search engines. Knowing how to write well and come up with good content is incredibly important but just as important is knowing how to use keywords effectively throughout your article to get best results.

To know how to use keywords effectively in your sales efforts and article marketing campaign you must first have a firm grasp on what they are and how they are used.

Keywords and keyword phrases are what the consumer will or is likely to type into a search engine as they try to find a solution to whatever problem they are facing. Whether trying to find the best television, best car, best way to stop smoking, lose weight, earn more money, find a job…most people are going to try and do some research to find out what others are saying. It is either a word or a phrase that they, the consumer, are likely to type in to find information concerning the product or service you are trying to promote.

Learning how to incorporate your keywords into your writing and article marketing efforts can be tricky. Search engine spiders scour the Internet looking for the phrases and keywords that are most likely going to match what the searcher is looking for. The concept suggests that the more it sees that keyword or phrase in your article, the better the chances are that it will show your article as a result.

There is a temptation, though, to overuse that keyword throughout your article which was done by many, this is called keyword stuffing their articles and makes them almost impossible to read. They tried manipulating the search engines by stuffing keywords in articles but the search engines caught on and now penalize those who try and do this.

What they now do is look for natural usage of not only the keywords but the language surrounding it. This concept is called Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI. The search engine spiders will look at words that are commonly used in topics similar to the ones you are writing about and will judge an article based on that. If there are too many times that a word or phrase is used it will send up a red flag indicating intentional overuse of keywords and that you don’t want because your article marketing efforts will be hurt.

The best thing to do is to write naturally about a subject. Try to cover all the bases and help the reader make as well an informed opinion as possible.

If you are wondering how much to use your keyword or keyword phrase in your writing and article marketing efforts, try to have that certain keyword or phrase used once every 100 words. This will be plenty of times for the search engines to know that you are covering the topic and will help both your readers and article marketing efforts that you have in the future.

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