How I Reached $350 A Day With Micro Niche Blogs

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I have been dabbling in Adsense based blogs for a while, but during the beginning of 2010 I really stepped up my work and began my journey into creating micro blogs for income. My goal was setting one microsite a day.

This works for any niche, whether it be making money, or gardening. The possibilities are endless and the amount of money to be made is endless. Both good reasons to use this method.

What I did..


1 micro niche site a day .
Keyword research with Micro Niche Finder
Each keyword has 5000+ searches a month and lesser than 10,000
Simple link building tactics : Social bookmarking and Article marketing. For Social Bookmarking , i use FireFox imacros .
For article Marketing , I use Magic Article Write and Submitter.
Design sites with XsitePRO


Now i have 120+ sites. Each site bringing me $3 a day (On Average ) . Some of the rich keyword sites bring $10-$15 in one day. Can you see the potential yet?

Two days before , I reached my target $300 in Adsense.. My next target is $350 a day.

All I did was rinse and repeat. Just wanted to share my experience with you guys. Finally one that works!


Tools that helped me. (click below to visit homepages)


Firefox Imacros
Micro Niche finder
Magic article rewriter and Submitter


Now I’m not that good at outsourcing and management, but If you are familiar with it, dividing your work in outsourcing can be a life saver. It will cost a bit more to outsource but you’ll have less work and time to focus on other means of profit. Dont try to setup 3000 sites at one time, do it one by one and with good content.

Slow and Steady wins the race

This is one of those things that just works, as long as you keep at it. There is no way to fail as long as you basically copy the above. The tools I use are highly recommended to smooth the process.

I also suggest setting up some auto blogs in order to make the process faster, this way you will have the blogs automatically adding content daily, saving you time and money. For a great guide on auto blogging, I definitely recommend checking out Rob Benwell’s Auto Blog System X

Best of luck!


Katie is a full time mom and home business owner based in Washington DC. 
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