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Niche Health Product’s for July

Private Label Rights products, otherwise known as PLR, have grown in popularity over the past couple of years. At first there were only a handful of PLR memberships on the world wide web… there are 100′s of plr memberships with a variety of benefits. Unfortunately these private label rights memberships have degraded in quality. What I mean is the quality of the content in the majority of PLR memberships is very poor.

Keeping Fit Niche Health Products Minisite for JulySome plr memberships pile on the benefits, only to provide poor quality articles. A common practice in internet marketing circles is to provide a big pile of bonuses. In my opinion, the bonuses provided by these memberships is really an insult to my intelligence….all junk.

One Private Label Rights membership I belong to is called Niche Health Products. The health niche is ripe for the picking. There are many products and services available for affiliate commission when working with the health niche. In fact, there are many high paying e-books available at clickbank that you can promote in the webpages of the Niche Health Products Minisites, or in the NHP plr articles and finally in the Niche Health Product’s PLR ebook.

Each month the Niche Health Product’s features 20 articles, a 10 article website and for one topic a plr ebook. This is done for each of the 2 subjects that are picked for the month. In other words, let’s use July’s NHP plr subjects…you would get a set of articles, a website and plr ebook on the following subjects:

-heart disease
-keeping fit

As with most PLR products you can do just about anything you want with these materials except sell them. Private Label Rights are almost like public domain works, you can create products from the articles, use them for blog posts, rewrite them and submit to directories.

Each month of your Niche Health Products membership you will get a complete set of graphics for your use. The graphics are created in a very generic way so you don’t have to customize any of the artwork. However, the header graphic is supplied with text and without text so those with the ability can add text to the header graphic. The other graphic is a set of virtual ebook covers…again, very generic but you can sell the plr ebook using this graphic or have it customized for you by Scott at

Along with the graphics, each month your Niche Health Product’s membership provides a website that comes in 2 different styles. You’ll get 2 versions of the website that can be edited in Xsitepro and you’ll get 2 Versions of the website that can be edited in any html editor.

The minisites are very unique because they are designed to produce unique content. The websites are bases on 10 plr articles so you can go in and rewrite the articles, or even add more aritcles to them. Each page has a snippet of content that has an affiliate link and the content, about 3 to 5 sentences, is rotated on a 24 hour basis…and the snippet is picked randomly….so each page will have different content.

The minisites will also have other forms of monetization, such as, affiliate links from or even Also, each page of the minisite has an rss feed which contributes to the uniqueness of each page.

Keeping Fit PLR Book Cover for Niche Health Products

So…if you were to change the title of each page and change the first sentence of each paragraph….and if you are really ambitious, change the last sentence of each paragraph your website would be very unique without much effort.

Heart Disease Minisite for Niche Health Products….July PLR

heart disease minisite for niche health products
Heart Disease Minisite for July…PLR Niche Health Products

Niche Health Products provides real value for your money. It is a membership that has been somewhat hidden and not promoted a lot…so, anyone who has a little ambition and would like to start making some money online would have an excellent opportunity by joining Niche Health Products!

Why not join Niche Health Product’s Today!

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  1. sincere says:

    i’m interest

  2. armen says:

    is it worth the money, can you also do it with the wordpress?

    free .us directory

  3. Khalid Abid says:

    I have used XSitePro 1.6 and I loved it very much.

  4. Angel says:

    I still use XSite Pro to this day.


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