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We have all probably experienced going to a website, and clicking though the various pages trying to find the information we want. Isn’t it frustrating when you know its there, but you just can’t find it?
Well, that is a common problem with a lot of websites. The reason for the problem is not you, its the navigation system of the website. When you have a large website, there is a lot of information to keep track of, and sometimes people forget to insert links. That new information may be uploaded to the website, but placing a link to it got lost in the shuffle.
There’s no denying it, we all forget things sometimes. Except those that use website building software that has automated navigation controls and page interlinking.
This enables you to insert a new web page precisely where it belongs in relation to the whole website. Image your website to be a big filing cabinet. Inside one of the drawers are lots of different folders, and within each of those folders are groups of information.
One folder may have all of your latest updates. Another folder may have archived entries organized by month. So, if you are about to post a new update, you know where in that filing cabinet it is supposed to go, and if you use the automated navigation tools, then your software will know where it is supposed to go as well.
Linking between your pages is a good way to show your other content to visitors of your website. Let’s say that people come to your site because an article you have posted there came up in a web search that they did. If you have your page properly interlinked, you will have links to relevant content that’s also on your site. If people see that information presented properly, they will respond and stay at your site longer.
As an added bonus, interlinking can also improve your search engine rankings. The details of how that happens can get pretty complicated, but a simple version is that if exterior websites link to a page on your website, and that page is interlinked to others, you achieve a higher ranking. At this point, it should be a no brainer.
If you use an automated navigation function, your viewers can easily find the content they want, and if you properly use the interlinking tool, you can improve your search ratings, thereby getting more people to come to your site in the first place.

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